Zed Head


The Canada Interview

Stagelife Magazine is back with another fan favorite - the band called "Zed Head" !

Based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada, this band has a following all over the World !

Great songs combined with great attitudes has made this band shine from day one.

They have been wowing fans at Blues and Jazz Festivals since 2005 with their amazing music !

This hot rocking band was nominated by Europe’s “Bands of Dixie”, for Group of the Year in 2007 -

Other nominee's that night are the famous Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, -

- Allman Brothers, and Molly Hatchet !

This band is really taken the World by storm - with the beloved Texas Boogie sound with influences -

- from many great bands.

Imagine the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Z.Z. Top , or Johnny Winter and Lynyrd Skynyrd , all in one sound !

Here's the main man himself - and his interview with us today -  

* John 'fogman' Burkitt.  - Bassist , Song Writer , Actor , and a most impressive signature sound, not to be matched.

The guys in the band - are all veterans - of the classic rock era -

- and bring fresh new sounds to the classic sound that makes them such a hit with fans.

The band plays killer whoop ass music, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon -

- and we are thrilled to have the interview.

The debut CD "Mortal Man", has been a media hit Worldwide -

- with many in the industry wanting more from the band !

ZEDHEAD are producing fresh, southern style, classic, boogie tunage -

- making new songs sound classic - and vice verse !

If you are a fan of classic rock, then this band will definitely make you smile, and want to hear more from them !

The band has been seen on the History Channel, and also the National Geographic Channel -

- during episodes of “Outlaw Bikers.”.

They have opened for Southern Rock Legends - Molly Hatchet and others artists on the tours.

And recently played the famous "Whiskey a Go- Go", and has a new sponsors and tour dates !

This band is on a roll to the top - says fans from all over the Country !

Here's the track list from the first album - "Mortal Man" - released in 2011 with so many great tunes !


Texas Twister

Fast Ford Freddy


Mortal Man

Voodoo Love


Cock of the Rock

Good Lovin’

Front Porch

The Big Smoke

Till I Lost You

Electra Glide Shuffle

Nice To Love You


And they just released a EP called - "Valley of Fire" - in 2015 - with more hot rocking great songs that the fans adore !


Cowboy Hat

Whoop Ass King

C & O Cat

Hole In My Soul

Brad’s Boogie

Here's the Youtube link to the video "Whoop Ass King" - from the New Ep CD !


Here's the Youtube link to the video "Texas Twister" - from the "Mortal Man" debut CD !


You gotta check these video's out - you'll be a fan instantly !

We caught up with the band's leader - "Fogman" in May, and here's the interview for the fans !

Hello Zed Head ,

Thanks for taking the time between gigs to answer some questions for the fans !

How does it feel to play live music together with this killer band -

- that has the fans wanting more at every show ?

Fogman - Hello Stage Life Magazine, let me first of all tell you how knocked out we are by your cool support and

enthusiasm for ZED HEAD. we really appreciate it, so thanks for having us along for this interview!!!

As far as lining up with the guys in this band, it's brilliant!

These guys are FUN to play with. the stage presence and exuberance are infective!

The fans at our shows are also a huge source of energy.

Each guy in ZED HEAD will tell you it's all about the people that come out to see the shows.

Feeding off the crowd's electricity is what makes it so kick-ass enjoyable!!

I believe strongly too in the material we deliver. it's good old whoop - ass, heel stomping, blues rock.

You can't sit still to that good old rockin blues!

Tell us about this very cool New EP CD - called "Valley of Fire" -

What's the story line ?  Do you personally have a favorite track ?

Fogman - "VALLEY of FIRE", was a trip to record !

Neil 'the BIG E' Chapman and i put the tunes together, and they are based individually on anecdotal vignettes -

- of some time, place, or phase of our lives - lyrically speaking.

The songs are like children. it's difficult to pick a favourite. there are no filler tracks here, we put soul, -

- feeling and heart into each track. However, if i HAD to pick a favourite i'd go back and forth between -


Honourable mention to "COWBOY HAT" - that is a GREAT tune written by Neil.

What is your current gig equipment ?  Brands you use onstage ?

Fogman - my personal gig equipment consists of a slew of old 'slot head' Gibson EB-3's, a Gibson 'thunderbird', -

- and an old 'Fender Jazz Bass'. And as for amplification, it's the behemoth Ampeg 'SVT!'.

I use no pedals, just vintage wood, and good old American amplification.

Both guitarists, Neil and Mike Matney favour the august old Marshall heads with vintage boxes -

- stuffed with old Celestion greenbacks.

They both have an incredible collection of old guitars as well as the newer ones they tend to travel with.

There is a plethora of old Gibsons and Fenders in their collections.

I've seen them using a variety of pedals and they love the 'overdrive'.

Rui Balla, our rock steady drummer - is very happy when he's aboard his Mapex drums, -

- surrounded by Soultone Cymbals. He uses Los Cabos sticks, exclusively.

Finally we come to the always animated, and expressive Leroy 'THE BLUESDOG' Falconi.

Both he and Neil are shows unto themselves!

Bluesdog plays a variety of custom 'TURBO' harps and uses a 'Peavey' Delta Blues Amp, -

- and sends that dynamic through a Hohner Tube Amp to get his 'power harp' - - Mississippi Saxophone' launched -

and through the p.a..

What is your input on the New CD ? Any personal writing ? Producing ?

Fogman - The New CD we are currently working on in the studio, is made up thus far of original compositions -

- by Neil and myself. The other guys are contributing more and more as time goes on.

Presently though, Neil and I write the music and I generally write the lyrics, -

- although Neil has done an excellent job with the lyrics on songs like 'Cowboy Hat' and 'Till I lost you'.

This current project is produced by Neil and myself , with input from Paul la Chappelle, our engineer.

We have been very fortunate too, to have worked with Terry Brown -

- Another World Class Producer and Engineer. We are extremely happy with the work of these two guys

What message is this band trying to get across to the fans ?

The fans have been dying for this type boogie sound for ages !

Fogman - Well that is a great point leon! This type of music, this rockin' blues is indeed -

-And what we find people are enjoying and asking for. our message is 'hey let's party, -

- open some whoop ass musically and have a ripping good time !

"ZED HEAD" has been waking people up at blues and jazz festivals for several years now!

What music are you listening to this month ?  Be truthful !

Fogman - Hey man, I'm GLAD you asked... with me it's "FREE", "WISHBONE ASH", -


These are the same bands I've been listening to for years. hey, old school works for me.

What song on the New CD is your favorite to play live in concert ?  And the fans favorite ?

Fogman - I like to play 'WHOOP ASS KING' during live performances.

It's challenging and a little involved rhythmically when singing the lyrical line, and laying down the bass part.

It's a lot of fun, and it brings me to mind of my good old buddy and Florida resident SLOB ROB.

The song was written about Rob, with mention of our good buddy JIMMY, 'THE REAPER'.

Consequently, the big man is arranging to have his tune used in a new television series he is working on -

- with his partner Troy. It'll be a killer show, and the song will fit these guys perfectly.

As far as fan favourites go, I am stoked to see the reaction 'FAST FORD FREDDY' gets from our friends -

- and supporters. They always get up to dance for that tune, and a number called 'TEXAS TWISTER' -

- is another tune that gets the crowd jumping.

What is Zed Head doing in 2016 ?  More tour dates ? Studio time ? Festivals ?

Fogman - For 2016, ZED HEAD plans to complete the current work we are engaged in, in the studio.

We are working hard to finish that up, then we are getting set for a summer tour that is being put together now -

- by our NEWLY signed booking agency "KINGS OF FAME ENTERTAINMENT".

This is an agency, international in scope, working hand in hand with fans, media types, venues and friends -

- from around the World, that are looking forward to working with us in the foreseeable future.

NANCY KING, owner and president of the agency, is putting the final touches on the tour -

- and we are extremely grateful for her exclusive efforts in getting the bus rolling.

Is there a DVD in the works of the show ? Fans would buy it for sure !

I can see myself personally watching it a hundreds times a month !

Fogman - Leon, I am very happy and gratified to announce that we have just recently signed -

- a management contract with CHAPPELL ENTERTAINMENT.

We are presently in discussions with Chap and his company,  relative to the DVD platform.

We should have a more definitive date for the DVD at the end of the summer.

We are looking forward to getting that together.

We can't thank Chap and his amazing staff enough, for their efforts in getting things like recording sessions, -

- videos, and dvds organized.

Do you play other instruments besides what we see onstage ?

Fogman - I am fulfilled completely on stage handling most of the vocals and playing bass.

Everyone in ZED HEAD specializes on their given instruments, there isn't a great deal of multi tasking.

What is next for you personally in music ?

Fogman - Musically, I am looking forward to hitting the road again. we've been in the studio for some time now.

It's going to be great to get some travel in and do some sightseeing and motorcycle riding while on tour.

It all percolates on the back burner in the back of your head, and helps in generating new ideas, -

- and direction for musical ideas to come.

Any bands you'd like to tour with this Summer ?

Fogman - I'd love to tour with Paul Rodgers (Bad Company), at some point.

No one works more than Paul, and he is a constant inspiration to me. i don't mean i'd like to sing like him.

There's only one set of pipes like that. But that way i'd get to watch a wonderful performer, -

-  and not have to buy tickets (lol)

What songs on the New CD were the hardest to record ?   And why ?

Fogman - C&O CAT was PERHAPS a little challenging at the top of the progression, -

- as there is a funny little timing thing that took us a few takes to master.

But after that Leon, i'd say things were pretty much straight ahead, and a lot of fun to record.

Thanks for the killer interview , any last words or requests from the fans ?

Fogman - Your very welcome amigo!! Leon this was my pleasure indeed !

Thanks again for this opportunity to talk about ZED HEAD.

I'd like to mention to the great people out there, to all your readers that they should watch for motorcycles, -

- buy North American, and most importantly, thank a vet for everything they do for us -

- when they put their well being between us and the enemy. God bless!

Here's a few links to the band - Go check out all the cool photo's !

Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/zed.head.583

Band's Email - theband@zedhead.net

Band's Website - http://zedhead.ca/

Make sure you "Like" the band's Facebook Page - and ours !

Catch the band on tour in Canada and the U.S.A.,  and grab the New EP CD - It Rocks baby !

We'll be back with more music news from Zed Head this Summer - stay tuned for details !
Leon Jonjock