Jacksonville 2016 Interview

Stage Life Magazine is back with another local fan favorite - the band called "Twizted Psycho" !

Based out of Jacksonville Florida , this band has a following all over the Country !

Here's the current band members -

JAMES FRYE -               Powerhouse Drummer

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Rhythm Guitarist

ALLEN PELLY -            Lead Guitarist

BARBIE HILLYARD -   Bass Guitarist

We caught up with the band on tour in May - and here's the interview for the fans !

Hello "Twizted Psycho" , Man it's good to see you guys !

Thanks for taking the time between gigs to answer some questions for the fans !

How does it feel to play live music together with this killer band -

- that has the fans wanting more at every show ?

JAMES FRYE - I love playing on stage, it's an awesome rush to see the reactions of the fans moshing out - just banging there heads to our music.

DAVID SCOTT JACO -  It's killer - hope the fans enjoy our show as much as we love seeing our fans there.

ALLEN PELLY - The answer is in the question.....

BARBIE HILLYARD - Live on stage is great interacting with your friends, band mates and fans, love it.

Tell us about this very cool New band - called "Twizted Psycho" -

What's the story line ?  Do you have a vision on this band ?

JAMES FRYE -   lot's of visions.....mostly nightmares, no story - we are just twizted psycho, and having a blast....

DAVID SCOTT JACO -  James and I started this band 3 years ago at 'Wipeouts Grill" in Neptune Beach Florida.

We grew up together in Mayport, we are all about having fun and playing hard music very loud.

ALLEN PELLY - David kept telling me we need another guitar player - 4 months later I listened - and wow - love this band.

BARBIE HILLYARD - My vision is to rock it hard every night we play.....

What is your current gig equipment ?  Brands you use onstage ?

JAMES FRYE -   Tama Drums,  Sabian Cymbals,  Evans heads and Zildjian drumsticks !

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Line 6 Amps custom guitar by Dean...

ALLEN PELLY - Line 6 and stuff Laney Amps

BARBIE HILLYARD - Fender bass and Mesa Boogie Amps.

What is your input on the band's New music ? Any personal writing ? Producing ?

JAMES FRYE -  It's heavy face melting music - I just beat the drums to what they play !

DAVID SCOTT JACO -  Ready to get back to some new tunes with Barbie (New Singer / Bassist) on the songs - and hit the studio.

ALLEN PELLY - It's gonna make your ears bleed, everyone has total creative control of their parts,

BARBIE HILLYARD - Just so excited to be in this band and can't wait to start writing and playing new tunes.

What influences do you have from music ?  

JAMES FRYE -  The Bee Gees, Waylon Jennings, Kiss, Slayer, Stryper, Prince,  Michael Jackson, Blake Shelton...Lamb of God, Metallica..Anthrax....

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Florida Georgia Line, Jamie Johnson, Inner Demons

ALLEN PELLY - Just the good stuff 70's rock and blues.

BARBIE HILLYARD - Ghost, Inner Demons, Megadeth.

What music are you listening to this month ?  Be truthful !

JAMES FRYE -  Inner Demons, Snore, World Gone , Pat Benatar, new Megadeth.

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Twizted Psycho..."i shit my self", and "bi-polar".

ALLEN PELLY -  Montrose.

BARBIE HILLYARD - Ghost,  Megadeth, Anthrax.

What song on the "band's set list" is your favorite to play live in concert ?  And the fans favorite ?

JAMES FRYE - Our fans love "i shit my self", and "fuck brains", and "arthritis"...i love them all ....

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Love all the songs and people go nuts over "i shit myself".. lol..

ALLEN PELLY - "Arthritis", is my favorite - the fans love "fuck brains".

BARBIE HILLYARD - "Bi-polar", and "Drinking with Lincoln".

What other band's "cover song" is your favorite to play in the set - or do you have one you want to add ?

JAMES FRYE - We play Metallica's - "Am I evil".. would love to add Pat Benatar's "Hell is for Children", for Barbie to sing..

DAVID SCOTT JACO - I want to add some Motorhead.

ALLEN PELLY - "Elvis Hitler" , and "Butt Trumpets",  I would like to add to our set...

BARBIE HILLYARD - Our Metallica song and some Motorhead.

What is "Twizted Psycho" doing in 2016 ?  More tour dates ? Studio time ? Festivals ?

JAMES FRYE - Playing as many shows as we can, and hit the studio this winter.

DAVID SCOTT JACO - As we have been through some changes this year - can't wait to record with James Allen and Barbie.

ALLEN PELLY - Studio time I want...

BARBIE HILLYARD - I know a good studio, "Karl Hasse", (INNER DEMONS),  he rocks.

Is there a DVD in the works of the show ? Fans would buy it for sure !

I can see myself personally watching it a hundreds times a month !

JAMES FRYE - In due time.


ALLEN PELLY - whats a DVD ?

BARBIE HILLYARD - i don't know ?

Do you play other instruments besides what we see onstage ?

JAMES FRYE - I can play a mean cowbell..

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Violin for 15 years


BARBIE HILLYARD - Drums and Guitar.

What is next for you personally in music ?

JAMES FRYE - To merge my favorite two styles of music country and heavy metal.

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Playing "Twizted Psycho" music, as long as i can.

ALLEN PELLY - Play guitar till the day I die...

BARBIE HILLYARD - Play rock and roll and party on Wayne !...lol...

Is there a "Twizted Psycho" mascot on stage ?  I saw a bloody head on a pole , is this the band's theme ?  

A solid white contact in the guitarist's eye makes the band member stand out - kinda freaky cool !

JAMES FRYE - lol... Got that from "World Gone Kick Ass", local band from jax...

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Those are my natural eye's.. lol...

ALLEN PELLY - I was told it was our last bass player...

BARBIE HILLYARD - "Twizted and Psycho"..

What songs on the New CD can the fans look forward to later this Summer ?

JAMES FRYE - Our 4 song E.P. is "Sold Out"..and will no longer be in print, there was only 100 made..so if you got one hold on to it..

DAVID SCOTT JACO - Plans for studio this winter.

ALLEN PELLY - All of them.

BARBIE HILLYARD - What they said.

Thanks for the killer interview , any last words or requests from the fans ?

JAMES FRYE - Thank's to all you "psychos", for keeping it"twizted" this year, without you, this could not work, 904 you all kick ass !

DAVID SCOTT JACO - I just want to thank everybody - this is so much fun, and thanks for supporting "Twizted Psycho", see ya all soon..

ALLEN PELLY - Support all local music ,,,and thank you to all who comes to see us rock the stage.

BARBIE HILLYARD - Come out and mosh with us, and thanks to all the 904 and "Twizted Psycho" fans for welcoming me with open arms horns up....

The band is rocking the local scene and fans are flocking to see them everywhere they go.

Stage Life Magazine had a blast with the band at Jack Rabbits and we can't wait to see them again !

Here's a few links to the band - Go check out all the cool photo's !

Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/twiztedpsycho/

Band's Email - jamesfrye1971@hotmail.com

Make sure you "Like" the band's Facebook Page - and ours !

Catch the band on tour in the U.S.A.,  and grab the New CD - It Rocks baby !

We'll be back with more music news from "Twizted Psycho" this Summer - stay tuned for details !
Leon Jonjock