We all grew up on music, from whatever our parents made us listen to in the car, to that tape or CD our friend had at school that they let you borrow… What was some of the first music you listened to?

CCR, was some of the first music I listened to as a kid and appreciated and of course Bluegrass, you know being from Kentucky, Bluegrass music is ingrained in us.                    


What's your new EP you have out and how do you guys feel about it?

Pour Another Round is our new EP, and we are very excited about it and proud of it.


So, where can your fans got the new EP?

You can pick it up or stream it on Itunes, Pandora, Google play, Spotify, it's everywhere.


With so many music genres out there today, why Hick-Hop?

Ever since the 90's we knew Country and Rap go together hand and hand.


What can we expect from you guys in the near future? Got anything new in the works?

We got some great things going and it's really built up, you might even turn your TV on and see us real soon.


Give us one last quote for everybody reading this…

"We love our fans!!!"

Check out everything "Twang and Round" at TwangandRound.net

We are sitting here at Mavericks at the Landing with "Kuntry Twang" and "Lil Round" of the HickHop Duo "Twang and Round"…

Thank you both for taking the time to talk with Stage Life and thank you for giving us a video shout out earlier today as well… (Check out the Video on the Stage Life FB Page)


We hear you are from Kentucky, what part?

We are both from Western Kentucky


So, we heard you guys didn't jump at the chance to sign to a label when first approached, is this true?

We were first approached by "Shannon Houchins" with Average Joes Ent. in 2011 but, we waited until 2014 to sign with them.


So, why the wait?

 We passed on signing to work on our catalog albums and put out some videos to help get our name out… 

A lot of artists try to build their name and brand on their own, were you guys able to do this?

We actually were able to get our name out there and put out a couple independent albums before signing with Average Joes.

Artists are always pulling from other artists for inspiration or they try to mold their sound from different genres of music and of course put their own spin on it to make it their own, what artists would you say inspired you guys?

We are a little "Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, John Fogerty, UGK, Outkast" all mixed together.

We sat down with,