Tracy Lawrence , one of country music fans "Favorite All Time Artist", plays Jacksonville Florida !

Jacksonville Florida is home to many bands - and also has one of the best music venues - "Mavericks Live".

Currently on tour nationwide , Tracy Lawrence recently played for a "Sold Out" show at Mavericks.

From the moment I arrived at the beautifully built concert venue , I knew this was a special show.

Tracy Lawrence started his career in 1991 , and hasn't slowed down since his very first hit !

Fans were packed outside and inside, waiting to get any tickets that were available for this show.

The opening bands were very good , exciting the fans , and instantly making many new ones.

They had a fun time on stage and were a compliment to the headliner -

The venue has very cool whiskey barrels as a waist high barrier between the stage and the pit area, -

- and the hottest women in town were lined up front to see the living legend - Tracy Lawrence !

The lights went out , and the band came onstage to a roaring applause of Jacksonville Florida fans !

Tracy Lawrence was introduced as the man with "18 Million Albums Sold", and looking at the crowd -

- they surely had every album, as they knew every song !  He also has "16 - #1 Hits", - a New Tour -

- and a NEW ALBUM just released in the charts !  Tracy Lawrence has a voice that grabs you, and -

- draws the listener in very close, as a beloved family member !  Not many artists can do that !

The living legend comes on stage to a energetic crowd - playing a fast paced tempo song to get the party started !

Fans were all smiles and dancing with arms in the air - it felt so good to see so many show up tonight.

Tracy Lawrence really has a great set list that includes so many favorites -

"Birmingham","Time Marches On","Alibis", "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are", and so many more !

Hit after hit after hit, the band was on fire tonight - and playing their hearts out to the fans !

I have seen many artists over the years , but when Tracy Lawrence started singing his ballads -

I actually saw many fans smooching and loving each other in the audience - a very rare treat to see indeed !

Every guy was on his best behavior , holding his date close and singing Tracy's songs in her ears !

The band played for over 90 minutes , the fans wanted more , and the look on Tracy Lawrence's face , -

- was all that was needed to see he was very humble and thankful to the fans - he felt inspired !

He even mentioned coming back to Florida real soon !

The fans and Stagelife Magazine will be there -

Make sure you catch the new tour and grab the newly released CD - it is already on the charts !

Mavericks had a wonderful after show dance party that lasted all night -

Rob York (DJ BigRob), Jacksonville's favorite D.J., - had all the girls sweating to the grooves he was laying down.

I wanted to stop and say hello but security was very tight to the upstairs V.I.P. Party !

I'll have to get back to Mavericks soon - this was too much fun !

Stagelife Magazine - "The insider on what's happening in music today" -

- Thanks to Tracy Lawrence and the management teams for the access.

We can't wait to see him again - and the fans are still talking about the show !

Stay tuned for more on Tracy Lawrence right here in Stagelife Magazine -

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Leon Jonjock

Stagelife Magazine

Jacksonville Florida

Mavericks Live Show