Sublime with Rome put on an epic performance at the Amphitheatre.  Mickey Avalon, Pepper, and Rebelution were the perfect openers to get the crowd going and in the summer time mood.  With each performance you could not only hear but feel the crowd’s excitement building.  When Sublime with Rome finally took the stage it was like a bomb went off.  They opened with “Smoke Two Joints”, every person in the audience sang along.  They went on to play quite a few other songs off of previous albums.  “Santeria”, “Date Rape”, and “What I got” to name a few.  The crowd was incredibly involved in each lyric Rome sang out.  Rome taking the place of the late Bradley Nowell put everything into each word he sang and the audience noticed following suit.  They played a couple songs off of their new album “Sirens”, which were equally amazing.  You would not think the crowd could get any louder until they closed and walked off stage.  The crowd screamed for what seemed like hours, and just when you thought they were going to die down Sublime with Rome took the stage a second time.  The whole Amphitheatre went into chaos!  Rome thanked the crowd and made us aware that the drummer Josh Freese had busted his hand.  They still went on to play 3 more songs phenomenally and went out with a bang.   It was the perfect set list for a summer time party which is exactly what it was.

Victoria Ray Stumph