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Today we are catching up with a very cool band - The Stephen Flowers Band - and here's our interview !

Band Members  -

Steve Flowers, Lou Neumann, Shane Estes, Nick Pregony, Andy Boemig

Wow ! , it's looks like you guys have been busy lately -

Opening for some major artists and playing Festivals -

How does it feel to get the call from the Promoters, Artists & Fans ?

Steve Flowers > Unreal !  

Lou Neumann > It's like a scratch off ticket..you cant wait to see just what happens next.

Sometimes I get so excited when there is news of a national show, I have to slow down so I can make sense of the situation..

Shane Estes    > It's great! We are excited to play and have people enjoy the music we have created.

Nick Pregony  > It's awesome to hear from people that you don't know, telling us that they know and love the music that the band makes. I never think that what we are doing, is all that great, so it makes hearing that, even that more amazing.

Andy Boemig  > When I hear if we have been chosen to open for a national artist it is exciting, and when we get that call it reassures me personally, that being part of a team and not an individual, is really paying off.

Meeting the Artists is amazing in itself, but to realize they are down to earth folks, working their dreams and sharing their trials along the way, ...is humbling. Fans? Yes, the fan based list continues to grow, but I think when your making your way into the this business, fans become more like your extended family - there is always someone there to share a story of how they started following us, or a first time listener, and we love to chat with them after our shows,...it keeps things real.

This band is based in North Florida - "Gainesville" -

Lot's of great artists are from the area. "Tom Petty" , "Bo Diddley", etc.

Your music influences ?   

Steve Flowers > "Hank Jr"., and also being how I'm from Jacksonville FL,... "Skynyrd" baby!!

Lou Neumann >'Garth Brooks', "Papa Roach". I love it all.

Shane Estes    > I listen to a lot of "Sevendust', "Korn', etc., in the rock world.

I try to bring the bounce and groove of those types of bands to what we create.

Nick Pregony  > My biggest is "Lynyrd Skynyrd" (Allen Collins), 2nd is definitely "Slash", and last is "BB King". Just to name my top 3.

Andy Boemig  > I would have to say "Eric Clapton" and "Willie Nelson", are most likely my single two influences.

This band started in 2012 - not too long ago !

And already this band is doing video's , on CMT's "Gainesville" show - featuring local artists.

The new video "Buzzcup" is getting a lot of hits of YouTube and other outlets -

Any highlights of the video recording ?  Explain the song in short words.

Steve Flowers > The life I live... this is the real "Story about my life".

Lou Neumann > To me it's about family and friends getting together and celebrating life.

Shane Estes    > I really enjoyed recording the video with the cast of "CMT's Gainesville".

The highlight of the video for me was the scene where Steven was turned down by Andreya.

Nick Pregony  > Have fun with friends and family, and always party hard !

Andy Boemig  > What they videoed that?

"Buzzcup" is a great example of a real time in our life -

When we took the events of a day after practice, and expressed it into music and words.

Your new video is in heavy rotation already - the charts are warming up to you guys -

The new 2015 tour is moving all across the Southern States - tickets are selling fast !

Any place you'd like to perform in Florida ? or Georgia ?

Not already booked on the current tour ?

Steve Flowers > "Dallas Bull", because the stage is HUGE ! I like to move a lot - lol !

Lou Neumann > Probably "House of Blues". But the "Mud Bog" scene is pretty cool to.

Shane Estes    > We really enjoy the "Mud Bog" scene. I would like to play at "Freebirds" at Jax beach.

Nick Pregony  > Not really sure whats the biggest places -  but I would say any big farm field that we could pack as many people as possible.

Andy Boemig  > I cant say there is anywhere i want to perform more than any other, i am really just excited to play as much and as often as possible.

Chris Janson another new artist , with a big hit "Buy me a Boat" says that you guys are wonderful -

You guys were liked so much , that they chose you to open shows for him in Jacksonville Florida -

Grabbing opening spots for today's hit artist means you guys are doing something right ?

Steve Flowers > I met Chris Janson, at the "CMT Awards", and we hit it off.

I was very fortunate to be asked to go - from my buddy Kenny Szupello from the new show ,-

"Gainesville"- on CMT .

Lou Neumann > We just try to be as real as we can and not act like pre-madonna's

Shane Estes    > We are trying to do everything we can to be noticed and get our music to everyone we can.

Nick Pregony  > I would like to think that, but I haven't been able to quit my job yet, -

- so I hope that can happen soon. lol

Andy Boemig  > Again it only stresses working together with our hard work and efforts, -

- has brought these opportunities and blessings. Cause and effect.

What was your first instrument ?  Can you play other instruments ?

What was your first song you mastered playing all the way through ?

Steve Flowers > Drums...Piano is my love

Lou Neumann > First instrument was a guitar, and I dabble a little on drums.

Shane Estes    > My mother is a music teacher so I grew up playing piano.

I play piano, guitar, bass and of course drums. I don't know if I have ever mastered a song, LOL!

Nick Pregony  > Electric guitar, and "Free Falling By Tom Petty".

I can also play banjo, bass, and in the process of learning the fiddle.

Andy Boemig  > Guitar was my first instrument- followed by the bass -

and when no one is listening , I sneak away with a Banjo :)

But if there is a instrument in the room, I WANT TO PLAY IT.

First song? "The Outlaws" hit - "Ghost Riders in the Sky",....

- I have to admit, would be the first song I learned to play.

That's a story for another day tho.


Looks like this band has many influences in music - Country & Rock n Roll -

So this means the albums you put out will always have a music variety feel ?

Steve Flowers > Lou, says it best.

Lou Neumann > I always try to steer a new song towards my influences -

but with all of the other members adding there prospects - the music meets in the middle.

Shane Estes    > I think we are always going to draw from our diverse backgrounds -

and hopefully put out good music that attracts a great variety of fans.

Nick Pregony  > I feel like the more variety we have, the more people we can connect with,-

and the more fans we can get.

Andy Boemig  > Our music is kept in check and balance, due to our diverse music influences,-

and what keeps it fun is, we never know what we're going to create, but when we do, its ours.

What's next for the band ?

Oversea's Touring ?  Studio Work ? Another Video Release ?

Steve Flowers > Studio work is where we find ourselves.

I have so many songs I have written, and trying to get them out for people to hear is tough.

Not enough time in the year.

Lou Neumann > We are working hard in the studio and our online presence.

The national shows we have been blessed with booking , helps keep us focused.

Shane Estes    > We would like to put out a couple more music videos and continue recording new songs.

We have 3 songs we are working on right now - and hopefully will have a great duet, -

- with another local artist that we work with often (Natalie Nicole Green).

Nick Pregony  > Getting big is always what we want, but studio work and music videos,-

are right in-front of us.

Andy Boemig  > Always dream big, but staying grounded, with the reality of how difficult this business is, making more music and getting noticed is priority, but don't think I'm not ready if that call comes, LOL.

The new video single is great stuff - how about a full concert release on DVD ?

What would you add to make the DVD special ?  Backstage footage ?  Interviews ?

Steve Flowers > Definitely us at practice, we really mix business and pleasure.

Lou Neumann > I would like people to know we are no different then they are.

We make stupid mistakes and never really know the real answers until they work themselves out.

Shane Estes    > Those are great ideas, you may have inspired us with this question !

Nick Pregony  > Wow that's thinking really big for us now, ...

but yeah, I would want the fans to have the full band experience.

Andy Boemig  > No response.

If you had sole control of the production - what songs would you play on stage ?

Fans really dig a cover tune thrown in - what's the song you'd like to cover live ?

Steve Flowers > "Real Good Man", Tim McGraw !

Lou Neumann > I would like to take a old rock song and make it new again.

Shane Estes    > Alabama's - "Song of the South", would be the song I would like to add.

I enjoy songs that the crowd can sing along with.

Nick Pregony  > Right now we do have that control, and the classics are always a big hit,-

- so as many of them as possible.

Andy Boemig  > I'm the simple guy, anything and everything.

Maybe something fun like good ole "Six Days on the Road" (Roger Miller), with a modern drive to it.

What is your current stage instrument gear consisting of ?  Any Sponsors ?  

Steve Flowers > Fender brand - is what I rock with - but they don't pay a guy like me -  hahahaha !

Lou Neumann > I like "Line 6", myself.

But if I had any sponsors I would go with anything - lol, even if it was "Fisher Price" !

Shane Estes    > "Pearl Vision Series", 4 piece kit with "Zildjian" cymbals, and "Promark 747" sticks.

Nick Pregony  > "Gibson" guitars are my absolute favorite -and right now I have a 2001 "Les Paul",

2012 "Epiphone ES-339 Pro", and a 94 "Stratocaster". I would love to be sponsored by "Gibson".

I would probably have a heart attack. I also have a 2014 "Gibson SG" waiting to be paid off. haha

Andy Boemig  > I am currently using "Ampeg PF-500 Amp" with a rolling 4x10 "Ampeg Cab",-

and I've gone with a 5-string "Ibanez SDGR", and a back up 4 string "LTD". What is a Sponsor ?, LOL.

Wow , you've shared the stage and tours with Alabama , Big Smo , Lonestar -

and many more fan favorites - Would else would you like to work with ?

Steve Flowers > Eric Church

Lou Neumann > I would love to fall into any of the top 10 tours just for the memories.

Shane Estes    > Any artist that puts on a great show and is down to earth.

Nick Pregony  > "Lynyrd Skynyrd", would definitely be my dream,...

"Hank Jr", "Slash", and "AC/DC" would also be a blast.

Andy Boemig  > If there is a show happening, and i get a chance to play I'm there!

I would like to work with anyone that performs with passion and has true enjoyment of performing.


We had a great time today with you guys , and we'll catch up with you again soon -

We'll have a "New 2015 Concert Review", next time you're in town !


Any last words for the fans ? They can't wait to see you guys on tour !

Steve Flowers > I give every bit of energy I have at every show we have!

All I need is a ''Hell Yeah'' to keep me going. Its a wonderful feeling, .... Better than any drug.

Lou Neumann > If you want a high energy show, then we aim to please !

And don't be bashful after the show - we love meeting new people and sharing the evening with friends.

Shane Estes    > Thank you! Without the fans we wouldn't do what we do.

Nick Pregony  > Thanks to everyone that supports us with our dreams -

and I hope we never disappoint anyone.

Andy Boemig  > This interview with StageLifeMagazine.com , has been fun and thank you, I cant wait to see the fans out there - knowing they are having a great time - and we are a part of that - and when they see we are coming to town - they let us know whats up with the best local food !..we like to eat too :)


Thanks again to the band , the band's management team and label.

We are excited to have you guys in our magazines - Worldwide !

Please go watch the new video on YouTube - "Buzzcup" - You'll love it !

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