Shania Twain and her band ROCKED Jacksonville “right out of this world” after it being a near decade since she has toured. She opened up with ‘Rock this Country’ coming up from the bottom of the stage wearing a glitzy one piece and a leather fringe jacket. She looked absolutely stunning all night as she sang fan favorites such as ‘Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under’, ‘Any Man of Mine’, and ‘Honey I’m Home’. Classic songs like this, is what the crowd went WILD for! Almost everyone stood up and danced the entire show. She did numerous costume changes, but kept the rock theme going in each outfit. Rocking the entire Arena, she literally got wheeled around in a mini stage shaking hands with hundreds of screaming fans. She slowed things down and sang an acoustic version of ‘You’re Still the One’, asking the audience to sing along. Of course the audience sang along to this beautiful ballad and loved every second of it swaying back and forth to the soft sound. There was a short intermission, and she came back out giving every person goosies as she belted ‘From This Moment’ wearing a gorgeous black evening gown surrounded by fog and blue lights. She ended the night with ‘Man, I Feel Like a Woman’ making every single person in that audience “feel like a woman!” I’m serious, even the men sitting around me let loose. They screamed and sang along to every line as she worked the flaming runway stage in a black leotard, thigh high black boots, and a black coat that she rips off! To say the least, Honey, she’s home and BETTER THAN EVER!

​Harli Livingston