The World loves Outlaws - and Country Music Fans love Ray Scott !

Currently on tour with "The Charlie Daniels Band" -
Stagelife magazine is here to talk about the New rising legend - 
The wonderful country outlaw known as - Ray Scott !

October 2015 - Jacksonville Florida - The famous Florida Theater !

The doors open tonight with many in attendance to see Ray Scott.

Merchandise tables are set up for both artists playing tonight, -

- and fans are spending money on tee shirts and souvenirs before the shows starts.

Soon , the house lights dim and the whole place is electrified when

Ray Scott walks on stage with his signature guitar. He smiles and waves at the many fans that came to see him tonight. And instantly loved by everyone as soon as he starts speaking - his voice reminds you of someone you've known all your life - and tonight it sounds like Heaven !

Ray Scott has had a great career so far - with a string of hits over the years.

Songs from his career include -

"My Kind of Music". - Released in 2005 - Top 40 Hit

"Those Jeans"        - Fan favorite - Top 40 Hit

"Drinkin' Beer"       - #1 Song 2014 - in the UK

"Ain't Always Thirsty" - Current Chart Topping Hit

Plus many more hits - some with other major artists !

Sirius Internet Radio is loving Ray everyday as a #1 requested artist.

He has become a sensation oversea's and winning fans as soon as they hear his singing and song writing abilities. His new tour is selling out concert halls all across the U.S.A..

He stands over 6 foot tall , wears jeans and has a gravel voice that reminds you of Waylon Jennings. The voice itself is very strong and has the depth to make his songs grab the listener by the ears - you'll want to hear his songs again and again !

The show starts tonight with up tempo hit songs from his set list. Ray stops between songs to tell a funny joke or remembers something about the past, present and future. He has the ability to hold you with his sincerity - the fans are in approval of everything he is doing tonight !

Song after song was a surprise - as every song was a instant hit on the spot !

He has hands clapping with every song he sings , the band he plays with sounded like they just came straight from recording inNashville - they were very tight and crisp at this show.

Every song had a catchy title and catchy riffs that made you smile and want to hear more !

Overall , one of the best shows this year is hands down the Ray Scott tour -

You will instantly be a fan , instantly give him all the credit for making country music great again. - Playing these types of catchy hit songs was refreshing - we want to hear more !

After playing to the large crowd in Jacksonville , Ray Scott thanked the fans and left the stage.

He could have played the whole night for these fans that packed the house to see him.

He is more than a flash in the pan , ... he is a true gentleman through and through.

To the fans surprise, he came to the lobby and signed autographs and spoke to everyone.

This is what a real down home country artists does - he stays in touch with his fans.

The atmosphere was electric all night with the buzz from Ray Scott !

We'll be back soon with a CD Review of the New Album from Ray Scott !

Charlie Daniels said himself that Ray Scott was a true artist with heart and the songs to back him -

Fan's in Jacksonville Florida and around the World - feel the same way !

Please go to Ray Scott's Facebook page and "Like It" - Enjoy the newest news on Ray Scott !

We thank Ray Scott , and his management team for the access - we'll be back again for the CD Review !

Catch Ray Scott on Internet Radio - See the Newest Tour dates added each month on his website !

This is an artist worth buying - again and again !

Leon Jonjock