Known throughout the South - as one of Jacksonville's hardest working bands - "NEW DAY" is on the fast track to music stardom !

Today , gets an interview with the hard rocking vocalist Jerry Sible - a man on a mission to rock the fans !

Jerry , great to catch up with you between studio work and touring - Let's talk about the band and the future of Rock n Roll !

First , the band itself -

Jerry Sible - Lead Vocals , Jeff Brownlie - Guitar , Bryan Caldwell - Bass Guitar , John Garren - Drums.

The band itself was formed in 2002 , and each member with many different styles of musicianship - Rock , Metal , Heavy Metal , etc.

How was the first days of writing and recording together as a band ?

Did everyone on board agree with the direction of the music ?

Jerry says -  In "New Days" beginning, there was different members-

Steve on vocals, AJ & Vince on guitar, with Bryan and John on bass and drums.

The original writing direction was to purposely make the sound as heavy as possible -

- wrapped around very aggressive drum beats.

Steve and John wrote most of the lyrics in those days,-

- and they tended to focus a lot of political events going on at the time, -

- a lot of anger in the hearts left over from 9-11.

That spanned over the first 2 CD's. "Psycho Network" and "Euphemism".

Describe your musical influences - and what bands do you currently enjoy listening to ?

Jerry says - My personal influences, like my ADD, are all over the map.

I grew up on old country, "Bob Seger", "Kiss", "Foreigner", -

- but when I was introduced to "Metallica's "Master of Puppets" CD, I was hooked !

Early "Metallica", 'Megadeth" , 'Anthrax", and 'Testament" are the bands that I really identified with.

Then "Pantera" came out and that was it, I wanted to front a band and stomp around like Phil did lol.

These days my playlist will have "Five Finger Death Punch", "NONPOINT", "All That Remains", and "HELLYEAH" !

What can fans expect to hear when they come to the shows ?   

Jerry says - At our shows we really try to emphasize the tightness of the band, we want our songs to sound as close as we possibly can to the CD the fans just listened to, in they're car on the way to the show.

And we want to achieve being tight without compromising the energy of the performance, the feeling of the songs.

When we hit the stage and grab that mic - we are wide open !  Full throttle !

We want to grab that audience put them on the ride with us - and floor it !

Four albums recorded so far - the newest is "Unearthed" with some very good metal riffs.

This album is getting a lot of attention from fans and industry reps alike.

What songs are the highlight for you ?  Your personal favorites ?  

Jerry says - "Unearthed", was my debut CD on vocals for "NEW DAY".

Up to this point "NEW DAY" was the first band I ever fronted.

I've sang in a few cover bands while playing bass, (that's how John found me).

In "Martell Studios" while recording "One Mans War", I knew it was a killer song, -

So "Stan Martell" really took his time with me, especially on the clean vocals.

I had it in my head how I wanted it to sound and Stan got it out of me even better.

It's our most played song on internet radio, it's also an epic video, great meaning, even though I didn't write it,-

- it's definitely the most important song to me, from the way it's produced, to the meaning of the words.

The new single "Deep Down" from the newest CD "Unearthed", is really making fans happy -

In fact, the whole album has twists and turns that takes the listener to new heights -

Since joining the band , looks like you've made some great improvements to the song writing and overall production.

How does it feel to have some credit for bringing the band to the next level ?

Jerry says -  "Tank", radio personality from 102.9, described us as "Dream Theater" with balls !!

A huge compliment considering how they are hands down the best "Prog Metal Band" ever!!

But I got what he was saying. The musicianship and chemistry of Jeff, John and Bryan is something that's so hard to find.

The 7-8 minute songs and the way they put all these pieces together and it still makes since.

The song blew me away when I was just a fan of the band.

I don't think it's me that brought the band to the next level, I think it's just the chemistry of the four of us that did so.

And the writing before went like, the music was written and structured, and the lyrics had to find its way through it.

Now that I've joined the band, I bring notes and lyrics , one liners, to rehearsal -

-  and were structuring the music and the melody of the words together all four of us.

And I think it's made for our best songs yet !

You guys have done some great shows recently , opening for major bands , working festivals and touring the South.

Any bands you'd like to work with ?  Why ?  And any chance of a oversea's adventure anytime soon ?

Jerry says - We have done some very cool things for sure over the last few years.

Thanks to "Tim Hall", we've been on some epic shows with some major bands, -


It's helped us gain fans, from playing to the wives and bartenders to packing out the venues were playing now.

I love doing regional shows, and we have some on the books in January - down at the "HAVEN" in Orlando.

And possibly a big festival type show in Alabama in May !

My wish list is "Welcome to Rockville" - a Jacksonville Metal Festival held every year in Florida.

Above all else - that's the stage I want "NEW DAY" on.

There is a movement of fans called the "ROCKVILLAINS", really pushing for it.

Just gimme 30 minutes somewhere in those grounds and I personally promise they won't regret it !

I'd love to jump on a really killer bill at "Mavericks Live" -  that's a real cool club I haven't done yet.

We just got picked up by some FM stations in the UK and Australia, which I would of never thought was possible.

* "", spins us heavily - and "Bruce Lenzi" is heard "Worldwide", with his amazing radio shows.

And yes , I would enjoy booking our tours on an overseas trip, anything is possible !!

Looks like metal music is making a fierce comeback in the U.S.A. , everyone is on a warpath , what's the reason ?

Jerry says - The reason for the metal music comeback, -

- is because it remains one of the truest forms of musical expression in the industry.

In metal, people write what they are genuinely feeling, and that grabs fans these days, -

- there is a brutal truth in the music that doesn't care about political correctness, -

- or how much money someone next to you at show makes -  it doesn't matter.

The "ROCKVILLAINS", fans that we were so lucky to be adopted by, show up at every show !!

They just want that escape, Metal let's them have that.

These festivals are breeding a movement and validity to our genre, -

Who would of thought honestly that Jacksonville Florida -

- would be home to one of the biggest metal festivals in the world 5 years ago?

So long answer made short, Metal music is honest. That's what people are craving these days in my opinion

Will the band ever play a cover song from another band on stage ?  

A lot of bands are playing at least one song from another band.

This surprise during the set list - grabs the fans attention , and makes the band stand out a little more than before.

Jerry says - We actually do a "Clash" cover song - "Should I stay or should I go", It makes the set list every now and then, -

The crowds really dig it, and I really want to cover "Take on Me", by "Ah-ha".

I've heard it done by other cover bands, but as technical and tight as we can be, -

- I think we could come up with a very cool version of it !

What's next for the band ?  More tour dates ?  

I see that you guys are opening for metal legends "PRONG" this week.  Congrats on another great show !

Jerry says - We just released our latest video on "YouTube" for our newest song "UNSAID".

It was shot at "Cheers" and "FREEBIRD Live", two of the hottest clubs in Jacksonville to play at.

It's a video, to give insight to the live shows, and the bond of energy we have with our Fans, and the "Rockvillains" !

And of course, we just played with "PRONG" on a Tuesday night at "Jackrabbits", -

- and the show of people that made it out on a school night was amazing - cannot thank them enough.

We have a headlining show at the very famous "Roadhouse" in Orange Park, -

And along with our pals from Orlando "(N)Ception", an "NEAR EMPTY", it's only a $3 show !

Then December 12th, I believe it's the last major local show at "FREEBIRD Live", -

We're playing with one of my favorite bands "BLEEDING IN STEREO", you should hit them up !

"SOULSWITCH", and "(N)Ception" are coming from Orlando , and a younger up and coming band "A Matter Of Honor".

January 2016, we were invited to play at "Twisters Radio Birthday Bash", and then we're going to Orlando to play with "F.I.L.T.H.", at they're CD release party !

Any chance to record a DVD of the show for the fans anytime soon ?  A full set list would be thrilling for all to see !

Jerry says -  I would love to do a DVD of a show, with some clips of us rehearsing hanging out.

I would totally bite off the same style "Metallica" did with "Cliffem All" !!  

I think it would be fun to shoot a DVD - if at the right venue, with the right crowd.

Your favorite venues to play in Jacksonville Florida ?

Jerry says - I love Playing "FREEBIRD live", it's a shame it's going away,

but the stage has a lot of history.

"JackRabbits" is such a good place to play, Rob has the sound and that

room dialed in, the vibe is always good, -

- It's where "NEW DAY" started, and probably where we'll stop one day !

"Cheers Park Ave", another great club - the production, and they way they

transform that stage from a bar stage -

- to a full blown concert venue is amazing ! Mrs.Delores always hires the

best light guy, and professional sound guy, -

- and she treats us so good there, that's one of the places we recorded the "UNSAID" video.

Again I have two major goals this year, "ROCKVILLE" and "MAVERICKS" !

What is the overall message from your bands music you'd like to relay to the fans ?  

Jerry says -  Be yourself, express yourself, question everything and be smarter than what "they" want you to be.

"Unsaid" is about my wife and I overcoming a bad time in my life, it seemed no matter what we did, -

- something always happened to try to take from us, but we fought back and overcame !

"Lock and loaded", is a song from stories my friends that have served in the wars -

They came back and told me, about "PTSD" and the hard times they face back home with no help.

Jerry , we had a great time today , thanks for allowing the fans a few words - they have been asking about you guys all month !

Any last words or thoughts for the fans ?  Any surprise announcements ?  2016 Events ?

Jerry says -     


We will be pressing and releasing the "LOCKED AND LOADED" DISC -

- so I'm sure a "CD RELEASE PARTY" will be on tap, Also in the talks with someone about doing it on a casino boat.

If we can get the logistics right. Production is my biggest concern.

Writing more songs, hopefully doing some of these Festivals, and continue building the "NEW DAY" family !!

Till then, you can check out our music at it keeps our links to"ITunes", "CD Baby", -

- "Reverberation", and "FaceBook" .

Thanks to all our fans - we'll see you on tour soon !

Once again ,, has the best articles on our favorite bands  - thank you for being part of our history.

We will follow up soon with a "CD Review" of the new album , and "Concert Review" from a upcoming show soon !

Catch the band on tour - and locally in Jacksonville Florida, - grab the newest CD and turn it up !

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Leon Jonjock