What songs on the album -
- are you most excited about ? 

"Gorgeous Lies" was a song I co-wrote that described a recent experience - at that time in my life.
"Love Sure Looks Good On You" -
- is another one of my favorites. 
So is "Rock My Baby"….i don’t know, I love them all ! 

The new single "Just One of the Boys" -
- is getting a lot of requests !
Well It's actually not new - (2003) ...the day my single was released to radio -
- was the same day that the record label, "DreamWorks", closed it's doors. 
So it never really had the chance it deserved. But stations are still playing it.

Will there be a follow up album next year ?  Any idea's so far ?

I am working on a new project now -
- with "James House" -  Producing it.  
Excited to be recording new music -
and have some new updated pictures -
- that aren't from 2003 ! 

Your current equipment you play on tour consist of what items ?

PEAVEY -"PEAVEY CIRRUS" -  5 string basses.   
MOODY STRAPS - outfits me in beautiful luxury leather straps.

Your favorite places to see on tour ?  Any highlights ? 

There is so much beauty to be found anywhere we play -
- but sometimes the most beautiful thing I see -
 is a fluffy HOTEL BED - after riding on the bus for a long time ! 

We just casually mentioned your name on one of our Facebook pages - 
And within a couple hours - we had over 200 "Likes" - 
this has not happened with any other artist - the fans have spoken - 
They love Michelle Poe - so how does it feel to be loved by so many ?

I am always humbled to be reminded that I have fans out there.  
Music affects so many people. I am blessed to have received a precious gift.

Your new CD is wonderfully refreshing - with happy tunes and great songs - great job !  
If you had a chance to play with a female artist - your choice/s ?

Humm......so many to choose from - "Dolly Parton" -"Susan Ashton", "Mariah Carey".

The last artist/CD you listened to ?  Favorites ? 

I enjoy listening to Christian artists like "Susan Ashton" and "Michael O'Brien".

Any chance you'll record with other artists on your future albums ?

Yes, I am trying to get "Ty Herndon" -  to get in the studio with me on this next project I am working on .  
"James House" also sang on one of the duets. James is producing it for me.

Like to play slower ballads or faster boogie woogie songs ?

I enjoy PLAYING both but my favorite to SING is ballads..  
I guess I just feel more of a connection and sense of  artistry to the slow songs.

You play 4 string bass guitars - ever tried the 5 and six strings ? 

I started on the 4 string, then graduated to the 5.  
I own a six string but have never attempted to play it.
No one needs a 6 string bass!
Any last requests or final thought for your fans ? - they adore you

 I adore them right back !

What's next for Michelle Poe after the tour with Hank Jr ?

We will continue to tour - although Hank does not like to do more than 25 shows a year -
- as he has hunting and fishing to occupy his time. :)
 ( Country Boys can Survive ! )

Would you consider recording a Christmas Album ?  
It would sell out every year !

Yes, I would consider it. Christmas songs always put me in a happy, peaceful place.

Anything musically you'd like to try ? Another instrument ?  Duets with another ?

I need to practice my acoustic guitar more. 
I have always wanted to do a duet with "Steve Wariner".

Can promoters book you for the upcoming holidays ?  Next year maybe ?

Yes !   I would love to do  private parties, - Corporate Events, etc.

Can you tell your many fans any personal news or upcoming events ? 

I am in the process of making a new EP (6 song CD) -
- with some of my favorite songs that I have found in Nashville.  
Doing an updated photo shoot soon….
- and a new website design is under construction. 
It will be for sale on my website when it's finished. 
The "Just One of The Boys CD" - can be purchased privately through me at the address above. 

Michelle Poe - we had a great time with this interview - thank you again. 
We will follow up next month with a CD Review of the new album !
And when you come through town - we'll be there to review the show !  
Michelle Poe  - a legendary bass

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* See her video's on "YouTube" and grab the new CD - "Just One of the Boys" !
* See more news on her "Facebook Page" - and also right here each month with -

Thank you for taking a moment in between your touring schedule - 
We have been getting a lot of requests for you.

You have been playing for a few years now - 
How old were you when you first got started and what made you decide to pick up the bass guitar ?

I began my journey into music through a family band we put together (The Poe Family Band) - 
- which included my step dad, mom, myself and a drum machine. 
Bass guitar seemed the most obvious choice for me as that's the main piece that was missing.

You actually studied Aerospace Administration -
at Middle Tennessee State University ?
Are you a space adventurer ?  
What made you choose this subject ?

My grandpa was a pilot for eastern airlines. 
Flying was always exciting to me.
I earned my BS degree and  private pilots license -
- but got sidetracked by music about halfway college.
I realized God was calling me in another direction.

Are you still living in Nashville Tennessee ?  
Do you ever get downtown to watch the coffee shops and local bars new upcoming artists ? 

Yes, I live in West Nashville.  
Occasionally I get downtown to watch some of the talent -
A lot of the music has changed since I was growing up.  I guess I’m just OLD SCHOOL.

Plantation High School (Florida)- any highlights ?  
Played sports ? Cheerleader ?  Music studies ?

I was a total NERD in high school.  
Grades were the most important thing to me. 
I studied hard and received an academic scholarship to MTSU in Tennessee. 
I did not participate in any sports because I was playing with the "Poe Family Band" on the weekends.

You also worked as a substitute teacher with Metro Nashville Public Schools - 
What school grades and any highlights ?  
Miss the kids ?

I am STILL working as a substitute teacher.
I teach Pre K- 4th grade.   
It is definitely two extremes playing the rock star life -
with "Hank Jr." on tour -  
- then going back to class to simply be MISS POE !

You have worked for a few great artists over the years - 
James House, Steve Holy, Dierks Bentley, Hank Williams Jr - 
How have the boys been treating you so far ?

The Hank Jr boys are wonderful.  
They take care and protect me like a little sister on the road.

You have worked with Hank Williams Jr since 2005 !
It can be said that he has the best band backing him every night.
Any highlights from the last ten years with Hank ?  Has he taken you fishing yet ? 

Riding on his jet to and from the show has been a highlight.
I have not been fishing with him yet.
He offers to take me hunting -
- but I don’t like the idea of killing an animal.
He laughs and calls me a tree hugger !
Working behind someone as legendary as "Hank Williams Jr." - is quite an experience. 
He has not taken me fishing yet but often asks if I would like to go hunting with him.  
I'm afraid to tell him I don't like hunting,  I do like shooting my pink 38 special but only at beer cans !

You have a new CD - "Just One of the Boys"-

 You also have the new video on "YouTube"

This song is getting lots of attention on our radio shows - 
Any highlights in the studio ?  On the set of the video shoot ? 

It was a little dive of a bar in Nashville -
- called the "Sweetwater -Lounge".  
It was a LONG day but so much fun! 
"Dierks Bentley" made a cameo appearance -
- in one of the drinking scenes.

Did you write this song ?
How many did you write on the album ?
I see folks can order it direct from you - $15 -
Here's the address -

Michelle Poe
"Just One of the Boys" 
320 Old Hickory Blvd Suite #2307 
Nashville, TN 37221 (USA)

No, I did not write this song -
- but it was written FOR me and ABOUT me .  
The $15 includes shipping -
- and you can pay by check, money order or Paypal. 

Interview By: Leon Jonjock

Catching up with Country Artist,

Michelle Poe