"Born into Dirt"  CD Review 

Members: Current 2015 / 2016 Line Up -
Ryan "Dirty" Smith - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
David "Bam" Bell - Lead Guitar/Vocals 
Chris "Wheaty" Wheaton - Bass 
Mickey "Rokken with Dokken" Lilly - Drums
Kevin "Franken-stein" Steinmeyer Lead Guitar  (Not in Photo's)(New Member)

LOWRCASE G - Homegrown rock n roll from Jacksonville Florida, has a New CD , and a New Tour !

Here's a track list of the New CD - "Born into Dirt" !

Velcro Head - Monster track that commands your complete attention - great songwriting.  Heavy riffs that makes everyone listening start banging their heads in a slow frenzy of pleasure - Bassist is laying the smack down - power chords !
Learn to See - Acoustic guitar blended with the electric rhythm/ lead guitar - makes this song cool - very cool.   Feels like a driving song - one that you play in the car or truck on a road trip - nice choice of words - very entertaining to the mind.
Shame - Blazing lead guitar intro's - playing a mesmerizing Funky - Southern Rock - Metal vibe - a must have song for your next party. So far the best song on the CD - an instant hit for the band - great production work.
Bother Me - I spoke too soon , another song that one ups their last song !  This blues influenced masterpiece is wonderfully executed. Starts out slow and builds into other chord changes that makes the song stand out. The vocals couldn't have been better.
I Can't Chance - A must hear song - nice acoustics blended with harmony vocals and electric guitars. Adventurous feeling.  The drummer had a fun time on this track. Great mastering from Stan Martell from Martell Studios , and heavy bass !
Old Hat - Psychedelic Rock , Southern Rock , and Heavy Metal Rock n Roll - all wrapped up in a nice package !  This song soars - makes you fell like your dreaming - and that's O.K. , this band has the hooks that separates themselves from the run of the mill wannabes.
The Truth - A tidal wave of power chords and song lyrics that will surely be a hit - a EPIC SONG - the bands masterpiece - the song starts with emotionally charged lyrics and a very very heavy bass line - feels wonderfully scary to the mind - groovy !
On and On - Catchy rhythm tracks , snappy lyrics and solid drumming make this another favorite.  Your body will go left to right just listening to the song - it has appeal - and sounds like fresh music every time you hear it - great job on this one boys !
Southern Def Jam - Better stand back , this song reaches for your throat right off the bat with harsh beats , then calmly releases you into a state of euphoria - you feel great and helpless at the same time. The bass lead solo lines was great to experience in our ears !
This song will be played for I hope - it surely makes you hungry for more, .......

Stan Martell of Martell Studios did a fabulous job at Mastering this recording for the band.

The band has produced a wonderful new funky southern metal sound that grabs you and brings the listener in closer.
With a cool new CD - LOWRCASE G - will be on everyone's play list !

Here's some band links to get the New CD,  and to get closer to the band !

Website - http://www.reverbnation.com/lowrcaseg

Twitter - Lowrcaseg

Email - Lowrcaseg@yahoo.com

Tour Dates - 

Great job in the studio and live in concert - No wonder they headline so many shows in the South !
Stage Life Magazine thanks the band , we'll follow up next month with a Concert Review to start out the New Year !

Leon Jonjock -