Keith Anderson
Brings the Music to Jacksonville
Stagelife Magazine is back with another great Concert Review - "Keith Anderson" 
Playing tonight at "Mavericks Live" - in Jacksonville Florida - Home of many great bands !

Keith Anderson - 
Topping the charts with a song he wrote for "Big & Rich" - called "Lost in the Moment" in 2008 - 
This showed the record companies that Keith Anderson was for real - and a great song writer.
So while the song went big time , Keith also had his first hit as a country artist - "I Still Miss You".
This song is from his first debut album - "Three Cord Country and American Rock n Roll".

Next came the next album - "C'mon" - which also did very well on the music charts.
Then he took time off from music to be by his mothers side as she was terminally ill with brain cancer.
"It's what I had to do" says Anderson , "She was my mother, my heart and soul".
He felt he should take some well needed time off to heal from the pain of losing someone so close to his heart.
While doing so , he also married his long time girlfriend and with her love - he started feeling better.
After a couple babies and a wonderful wife at home , Anderson felt time was right to get back to work.
This time the work is much more gratifying - as a country artist on tour - throughout the U.S.A..
He feels like his personal life now - is evolving to a much better platform of love - and the music he is writing is bringing him back.
The fans couldn't be happier - 

He had also won many awards - and has many friends - like Trace Atkins , Ricky Skaggs and more !
* Male Artist of the Year
* #1 New Male Artist
* People's Magazine's 50 Hottest Bachelors 
* Men's Fitness Magazine Ultimate Country Star

Tonight the fans show him the love he deserves - playing with a very tight band - he instantly gets the crowd into the groove.
The songs are welcoming us into his arms as he sings his heart out.  
His classic country music background is felt and heard.
He was raised enjoying artists like George Jones , Merle Haggard , Johnny Cash -
and also newer artists like Garth Brooks , Brooks & Dunn and Clint Black. 
He is smiling to the fans and enjoying his set - he is making his long awaited comeback to the music scene.
Playing hit songs with his guitar swinging left to right is so cool to see live - he walks the stage and commands attention.
The cowboy hat is black leather and looks appealing to the eye - also denim jeans and leather boots.
Girls are dancing in the front rows and camera flashes are flashing all over the club - he is on fire tonight !
This country rocker has a lot of heart - he is loved by so many - he supports many non profits and charities.

He plays a wonderful set list and waves to the crowd on the final song of the night.  No one wants him to leave.
Having passion for what you believe in - is not easily done - unless you believe in yourself - stay positive.
Keith Anderson and his band were very positive tonight and the fans were appreciative that he came to town.
We had a great time at this show and will be back again for Keith's next tour and new CD Reviews -

Here's a few links to the band - 

Facebook -
Website -

Check out the New EP CD - "I'll Bring Home the Music" !

This is his first outing in seven years - and it sounds like Keith Anderson is back on top !
Thanks to Keith Anderson and his Management Team for the access to the show - 
We along with many fans are happy to see him back enjoying life and music again.
He is the real deal - a singer and songwriter - and father and a husband that cares about his family and friends.
The songs have catchy hooks that make you listen closer - and that's fine with us - we like this kind of country !

Leon Jonjock