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                 "Jay Garrett"

        Stage Life Magazine is back with another great artist -  "Jay Garrett" !
We are interviewing the man that has been making waves all over Florida , and always in demand !
Originally born in New Castle Pennsylvania in 1968 , Jay calls Jacksonville Florida his home now.

Hello Jay , thanks for taking a few minutes from touring to answer a few questions for the fans - 
Looks like you have been very busy - doing wonderful shows all over the State - with demanded encores !

How does it feel to be the "Spot Light Artist of the Month" ? Fans have been asking for you all year !

Jay Garrett's Answer - It's a big honor to be the "Spot Light Artist" of the month.... 
I really appreciate you guys having me. Again, it's an honor......

How about telling us about your music background  - How long have you been playing guitar ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - I've been playing guitar since 1985, my grandfather passed and he was an amazing player...
I just never really got into it while he was alive.......I wish I could've got some pointers.....

Who were your early influences in music ?  Do you play any other instruments besides guitar ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - Beach Boys as a young kid.....The band was considered "old has been's", by the late 70's, -
but I loved the songs and the vocals were awesome.....(saw Brian Wilson at the Florida Theater in December, -
super awesome show)...it was Bryan Adams and the video to "Cuts Like a Knife", that made me want to be a rock 
star.....A couple years later I got one of my grandpas guitars and I never turned back...........
I liked all of the 80's bands...Maiden, Priest, Dio . Night Ranger, Bon Jovi (but not after 7800) -
In the 90's , I went old school and rediscovered Elton John, Billy Joel, the Eagles...Love the Eagles....
Too bad about Glenn Frey....

What brand of guitars do you use onstage ?  Any Sponsors ?  Looking ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - I'm a Strat guy........Love my Strat......no sponsors, but looking!!

So, looks like you have been playing a great mix of music genre's in your shows - 
Rock , Country , Popular - 
What do you really like to play from these categories ?   Fast songs , Slow songs , Ballads ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - I've always been a rock artist, - but in every band I played a very eclectic song list live......
"Us and Them" by Floyd, - "Living For the City", by Stevie Wonder.  We would play "One Way to Rock" (Hagar), -
- and then "New Kid in Town" right after.......Always an interesting mix of cover songs around our originals.....
One of our most popular songs with the new band is our kick ass version of "Maniac"......
I enjoy putting a few country songs and a few old school R&B tunes in the mix......

The inside scoop - is how you are bringing your original music you've written - into your song set list - 
How are the fans reacting to it ?  
I hear they are very excited to hear the new stuff - with demanded encores ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - I've recorded 8 albums through the years including my 2 "Best Of's".
This new record will be my first record of all new material since 2008's "Strange". It will be my best work.
The songs are strong all the way through......We play most of the songs live already......
"Daytona Bound", "No Longer Lovin'", "Take it Down a Notch", are just a few......
The folks really respond well to our new stuff....... 

You are playing all the big named events , and clubs , and sought after places like -
"The Jacksonville Landing" - Also "Cliff's Bar & Grille" - "Harmonious Monks" , -
"Monkey's Uncle" , "Fast Freddie's" , and so many more hot spots !
How does it feel to be in such high demand - in a town of superstars - with so many other great local bands ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - Some of those places we are still playing, some not......
We have played every hole in this city......Played in front of thousands. 
Played in front of tables and chairs only......Seen it all.....We are just happy to be playing as much as anyone, - 
but we are looking to get on some bigger venues,mooning acts, etc.....

I hear you have some demo's ?  Any music available for the fans at the shows ?  CD's ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - I've always sold my albums at our shows.....CD's are a tough sell these days.....
We do $5 CD blowouts all the time......

You have music on Spotify , iTunes ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - My entire catalog, even my old 90's albums are free on "Spotify", -
- and available on "iTunes", for $.99 cents a song !

What are you wanting to say with your original music ?  

Jay Garrett's Answer - Nothing too deep, but sometimes songs make you cry, laugh, want to fight,love, all emotions.
I like to think I have all bases covered.......

What's next for the Jay Garrett and the Pack - more Touring ?  Studio time ?

Jay Garrett's Answer -Both.....Touring is something that's kind of behind us a bit, -
- we will probably just stick around Jacksonville and play as much as they'll have us.
If the new CD takes off (like it should!!!) Maybe we can dust the bus off and get out of town.
Studio time, for sure........ 

Today's New Country has been getting a lot of attention - why is that ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - I just can't listen to it much......It's gotten so commercial/poppy/rap influenced.
Even though some of my songs are written for Nashville artists........

What artists / Bands are you currently listening to ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - the first "Winery Dogs" album - I must've played a thousand times...
The new "Brian Wilson" CD, I love......
I think I listened to "You're Going to Lose That Girl" by the "Beatles", 20 times in one day last week.....

Did you enjoy studio time in Nashville ?  I know you also worked for Magnum Productions ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - the Magnum thing hasn't happened.  
Bob Stanford was ready to sign me,  and pull me along on his coat tails, but his recent health has set us back . 

Are you booking for this spring / summer ?    Lot's of promoters would like to know !

Jay Garrett's Answer - Always looking for new venues !!!!

Any last words for the fans ? Any requests ? Any secret announcements on the future ?

Jay Garrett's Answer - Next month I'll be 48.....I would like folks to know that I'm out here doing it -
and will be singing my ass off until they put me in the ground, or sprinkle my ashes in the river.
And Fans, I promise this, you will all see a song on the music charts soon , - we are working on it -
 I am a song writer , and the songs I write , might be performed by another artist or myself.
Please come see our local shows in Jacksonville and also Jacksonville Beach Florida !

Jay , we had a great time with you today , soon we will be back with a concert review !
The fans will be excited to see your name included as our "Spotlight Artist" of the month !
As always - Thanks to Jay Garrett , Tracy Cain (Management Team) for the access !

Here's a easy link to get closer to Jay Garrett - 

Face Book Page - https://www.facebook.com/jay.garrett.167

Grab a ticket to see Jay Garrett and the Pack - You'll be happy you did !

Leon Jonjock