Looking at the full seats in the arena, it was impossible to know that Tyler Farr was the opener

and not the main act. Farr took the stage in his "Whiskey bent and hell bound" tee and warmed

up the crowd with his expressive commentary and Southern Rock vocals.

Next up was Cole Swindell and man was I blown away!

He sang hit after hit and mixed in some songs that he wrote for Florida Georgia Line

and Luke Bryan. Swindell had the entire audience singing along to every single song

and it was obvious how grateful he was to be there. The young, incredible musician

expressed his sincere appreciation before clearing the stage for Jason Aldean.

This was my third time seeing Aldean and in the past he was not my favorite performer, even though his music is always on par. Aldean took center stage in Jacksonville on Thursday and he has officially changed my opinion. He danced around and played every song that the audience hoped for, from "Big Green Tractor" to "Burnin' it Down". With the amount of energy and happiness exploding from the performers and their amazing bands, I would have never guessed that this was the last night of the tour.

Sofie Rottinghaus