Jessie Dupree and his Southern Rowdy Rock Band - "Jackyl" -  

* Jacksonville's "Mavericks Live" has the best in local shows with major artists !

From the beginning 20 years ago this band has kicked butt -
With many hits under there belts , these guys have a great show !
We get access to the show and quickly get our place in the crowd.
The band hits the stage with such fierce presence - it grabs you by the throat !
With a bullwhip microphone , Jessie Dupree says hello to the crowd.
The microphone is on a stand made from a real shotgun that shoots blanks !
The roughness in Jessie's voice works wonderfully with his music - Rowdy !
The crowd is instantly in tune with the band - hands are in the air all night.
The band rips thru many of there hard rocking hits with ease - songs like "I Stand Alone" , "Push Comes to Shove", "Down on Me" , Dirty Little Mind", "Redneck Punk" , and "Lumberjack" - are fan favorites - with Jessie talking throughout the songs and drawing you closer to what he is saying - mostly talking about having a good time , girls , and partying - it all works well for a great show !

Beating the skins - Chris Worley on drums - never stopped sweating - 

and look alike brother Jeff Worley on Lead / Rhythm guitars - 

are both working the set at a very cool pace - Fast !
Chris's drums are rocking on 8 cylinders - to the delight of the crowd - 
and the quickness of Jeff's guitar changes in the songs really stand out.
I love power chords - and Jeff played them perfectly - Loud !
These two brothers make this band shine !

Roman Glick - bassist - has everything under control - he's been with the band a while now !
He plays a 5 string that blows away the competition , and he is very good at hard and heavy powerful bass chords !

I remembered seeing them twenty years ago - and loved them right off the bat - 
You have to see this band to understand - the southern sound - is definitely heard in every second of the show. With gutsy words - and gasoline fueled guitars , these boys know how to rock !   I am very happy to see them again - what a great set !
They played a extended show - 2 hours of mayhem onstage !
Jessie sung all the bands cherished hits and fans enjoyed the new stuff as well.
Watching him play guitar on many songs was also a treat - he is good !
He had the fans singing along with the band on every song !
This band has won many awards - played alongside the biggest names - 
KISS , Ted Nugent , Damn Yankees , Bob Seger among the many have asked the band to open for them over the years - to the fans delight - all across this nation !

The band is wrapping up another successful tour - taking a Christmas break - 
and also have a cool reality show filmed at the famous "Sturgis Motorcycle Rally" - 
 - held in South Dakota. The band fits in well with the rowdy bikers that flock to the waterhole each year - performing "Sold Out" shows everywhere they go - this band is what fun is all about. They also hold two "World Records" for the most shows in 24 hours - 21 - and also 100 shows in 50 days - this band has been working overtime !

The fans enjoyed every moment of this show - and especially the interaction from the band - each member giving 110% - and by them signing autographs for everyone after the show - it show'd the maturity of the band - the fans will remember that forever.
Jessie cranked up the chainsaw on the final number and the place went wild !
It was refreshing to hear a little dirty lyrics and powerful hooks in each song !
We hope to see these guys real soon - This was too much fun !

Catch the New CD - "The 20th Anniversary" - loaded with all the best stuff and a DVD !

Here's some Links to the band - 

Band's Website -

Band's Facebook -

We had a blast along side the many fans tonight - all is good in rock n roll !
Thanks to MAVERICKS LIVE - and Stagelife Magazine for the access.
We will be back for a interview soon from the band - stay tuned !

Leon Jonjock