Hometown is Jacksonville Florida, the band is wonderful Southern Metal - at it's best !
Inner Demons has been a fired up band from the beginning - 2014 - 
- with great talent, songwriting, and direction. These guys are very hot on the music scene today !
This band is pure heavy metal, and those creepy powerful bombastic riffs - will take you to a new dimension.
Seriously, this band has gasoline in it's veins, and the army of their fans couldn't be happier !
Recently Stage Life Magazine caught up with the band - for a quick interview - 
- between the release of their new CD, Touring and Studio Work.
Here's the 2016 Band Member Line Up - 
Karl Hasse (Vocals), - Great Guy - Great Voice - Passionate about this band.
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), Extreme powerhouse on lead guitar - a fan favorite.
James Leopard (Drums), - Try to catch this guy on drums - always in a frenzy !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - Makes the band sound tight with his killer sound - and he sings !
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - Monster rush of emotions on guitar - nice upgrade to the songs !

Today , Stage Life Magazine interviews the band -

Hello guys , 
Thanks for taking the time between gigs to answer some questions for the fans !
How does it feel to play live music together with this killer band -
- that has the fans wanting more at every show ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - I love it. I’ve played a lot of music with different bands -
- and this is the most solid lineup I’ve played with. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar) This lineup we have now is unstoppable !!!!!
James Leopard (Drums), - Oh man, it feels great ! Our shows have definitely gotten a lot bigger - 
- and better with this lineup. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass)- it's truly amazing being able to share a stage with my father - 
- and three of the coolest good hearted people you'll ever meet.
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - This is the band I have always wanted to be in. 
Chuck and I have been friends since 8th grade, and we have good chemistry together in the entire band.

Tell us about this very anticipated New CD - Due out June 11th - called "Feel the Cold " - 
What's the story line ?  Do you personally have a favorite track ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - For me on this album I’ve been looking at the world around me. 
The amount of narcissism I see and hear on a day to day basis is obnoxious. 
To many people are worried about likes and comments on a social website. 
They don’t want to go to work. 
They no longer think or do for themselves, and the ones they’re supposed to love, kids are a burden, - 
- not a blessing, work is a hassle, not an opportunity, cell phones and Facebook are life now - 
- instead of a communication tool. 
"Feel the Cold" is my favorite so far, it allows me to scream at people -
- who don’t even know I’m screaming at them.
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - My favorite so far is The title track "Feel The Cold".
James Leopard (Drums), -   I'm pretty much with Karl on this one. 
The world is going down a crazy path, and it definitely gives us good material to use in songwriting ! 
As far as my favorite track, I think as a listener i''m really high on "Feel the Cold" right now.  
It's very fast, in your face, and it curbs my appetite for all things "Slayer" ! 
On a softer note though, I really enjoy playing "Never Coming Home". 
Karl's vocals on that track are very haunting and powerful !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - our CD is going to be killer when it drops. - favorite song is "Never Coming Home". 
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - "Feel the Cold", "Die and Bleed", "Never Coming Home" -
- it's hard for me to pick just one. Oh, and the new one "Acceptance", because it is the first song - 
- I got to write since joining Inner Demons

What is your current gig equipment ?  Brands you use onstage ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - I use a Shure SM58 wireless. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - Jackson Guitars and Peavey Amplifiers
James Leopard (Drums), -  SPL Drums, Gibraltar racks and Hardware, Meinl and Zildjian Cymbals, - 
- Pro Mark Sticks, and Tama Pedals.
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - Jackson and Fender basses and I use Mesa powerhouse 1000 and Ampeg svt7 Pro
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - Ibanez Guitars, Audio Technica Wireless. DiMarzio pick-ups - 
- D'Addario Strings MESA TRIPLE REC and 2 Mesa 4x12 cabs with Vintage 30's in them !

What is your input on the New CD ? Any personal writing ? Producing ? 

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - I’m the engineer on this album. 
I’m trying to capture the pure raw energy of the music we play. Like any engineer I have my tricks, - 
- but this album will be us. No melodyne, auto tuner, or quantized drums.
If it wasn’t recorded, - - you won’t hear it. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - We all have input with our parts ! 
With certain songs, I had riffs written, and Zakk would come up with other parts, and it all came together. 
James Leopard (Drums), - We always write as a band. 
Each person brings something to the table, and we each give our opinions and ideas - 
- until we get a finished product we all can agree on !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - we all pull our own weight, but the one I'm most proud of -
- is our tribute to the fallen warriors "Never Coming home".
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - I joined the band back in Mid October.  and most of the album - 
- was already written,, and then we decided that we wanted to put more songs on this album - 
- verses the last one. That was when I came up with the riff for "Acceptance".

What message is this band trying to get across to the fans ? 
They seem to dig the beat as much as the words !

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - Pretty much as our name suggests. We all have our inner demons we battle.
Sometimes in life, we need to be able to close our eyes, and actually feel the blunt force of our pain, -
- it can be very therapeutic. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - No Comment - 
James Leopard (Drums), - I don't think we really have a specific message. 
We are band of flawed individuals, who understand that shit sucks sometimes, -
- and I think we take that and run with it.
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - Ditto that !
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - That is definitely a Karl question. 
His lyrics are solid and on point and pretty much in your face. 
As for the groove, Zakk and I like the groove and flow. 
James likes to run on the drums, and Chuck likes to show us can keep up with James's feet. LOL !

What music are you listening to this month ?  Be truthful ! 

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - Slayer, All Shall Perish, Chelsea Grin, and Motley Crue
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - Death Angel, Anthrax, Megadeth, Havok, Slayer, Lamb of God
James Leopard (Drums), - Lately, its been Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Death Angel, and - 
- anything Devin Townsend is involved with ! 
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - a lot of Trivium and Puscifer !
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - Slayer, Havok, Motorhead. LAMB of GOD !!!!!

What song on the New CD is your favorite to play live in concert ?  And the fans favorite ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - "Feel the Cold", and "Acceptance" -  are my favorites. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), -My favorite is "Never Coming Home", "Acceptance", - 
- "Nobody Cares" and "Feel the Cold" so far.
James Leopard (Drums), -  "Nobody Cares" -  is a fun one for me to play live.
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - definitely "Nobody Cares" !
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - "Die and Bleed" !!! 
This song has started off the set - the last two shows, and has great response along with - 
- getting the the fans in a dancing mood. Then there are others as well - "Nobody Cares", -
- "Feel the Cold", and of course "Acceptance", we played it live at our last show as the 3rd encore. 
The lyrics weren't even finished yet - but the crowd didn't want us to leave the stage. 
That was a great feeling and night.

You guys have a string of hits from the first CD including - "Get a Life" , "Pain & Sorrow" -
- "I'm Free" , "Cry Beg Scream" ,  -"The End", - among the fan favorites.
Will the band continue to bring this wonderful rib breaking metal music throughout the life of the band ? 
Ballads later ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - As a metal band - we do have a bar to meet. 
We are continuously pushing ourselves as a band to be an every evolving entity. 
As for ballads, not really sure on that.
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - No I really don't think so.
James Leopard (Drums), - We have never really pigeonholed ourselves to follow a certain genre - 
- or meet a certain standard of metal. We play what we feel.  If the song rips your face off - 
- or makes them pull out a lighter, it doesn't matter to me. It's all about putting feeling into the music - 
- and I think that makes it special for us. You will definitely see some barn burners in the future though !!!
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - I agree with Karl - I don't think we will be doing any ballads anytime soon.
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - The only semi ballad I think of us doing is "Never Coming Home" -
- and that is because it is a song straight from Karl's heart - about his brother that lost his life in the war -
- in Iraq. Ballads have a time and place -and we all have girlfriends and wives, -
- and I don't think they expect us to write any love songs anytime soon - that's just not the Demons !!

What is INNER DEMONS doing in 2016 ?  More tour dates ? Studio time ? Festivals ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - We’ve got a few dates lined up. June 11th in Ridgeview, Villain Fest on July 22nd. 
I’m sure it won’t take to long after the release of our new album until we are back to recording. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - We're playing the Central Florida Metal Festival June 11 in Ridgeview,Fl
James Leopard (Drums), - We have some great shows coming up! 
We are opening for "Audio Topsy", and then a "Kiss" tribute band in May, - 
-we have the Central Florida Metal fest in June, and of course Villain Fest at Mavericks in July !! 
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - No Comment !
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - We are playing 2 festivals this summer - 
- one down in Central Florida and Villain Fest here at home - as well as a great show -
-with members of "Mudvayne" - called "Audio Topsy".

Is there a DVD in the works of the show ? Fans would buy it for sure !
I can see myself personally watching it a hundreds times a month !

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - I’ve personally been getting ludicrous amounts of video footage. 
Film has kind of become a new hobby for me, so I would say expect a DVD by the end of this year - 
- or earlier next year. (Yea ! I can't wait for this one !)
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - Yeah what Karl said !!!
James Leopard (Drums), - Karl is like a crack addict with his GoPro cameras ! 
With that being said, i'm sure our ugly mugs will be on a movie screen soon !!!
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - Karl has been doing a lot with the GoPros -
- and I've been trying to ham it up as usual but we all have our moments.
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - Karl has been compiling a lot of footage lately - 
- he films the shows and rehearsals -  kind of showing the band in all our creative process -
- and us just having fun.

You guys have been on many tour dates with other wonderful big time artists - 
I see Twisters Music has been hard booking the band - Bruce Lenzi is the man !
This has gotta be a dream come true - to come out swinging - 
-with the best promoters and fellow artists in the industry today ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - We’ve all been in and out of the scene for years. 
We’ve all played with different bands and have worked with so many promoters - 
- and people call themselves promoters. I know in the last decade a few bands have captured the scene - 
and moved on to greater things. The real difference now is lack of tunnel vision, and that’s a great thing. 
At one point in Jax, we only heard about "Burn Season", or "Shinedown", or "Red Jumpsuit", -
- and as great as those bands are, it was very frustrating for other bands in the area who had the talent - 
- and drive, to be forgotten - because we didn’t pack the house with hundreds of teenagers - 
- spending their allowances. Collectively we got stuck playing Tuesday and Wednesday nights - 
- to other bands and they’re girlfriends. Although that in my opinion is what led to where we are today - 
- with the scene. Those same teenagers went off and began life, those same bands kept pushing - 
- and getting better. Now everyone is grownup and working together. 
The fans are back, and the bands have people to rock out to. I can say its great getting to play in front - 
- of so many people and not just “Bobby,” but we do remember the Bobby’s in the world - 
- and they tend to get the first listen, first pick at merch, and first hugs and fist bumps.   
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - No comment.
James Leopard (Drums), - I'm amazed at the complete 180 this scene has taken as far as supporting bands, 
- going to shows, buying merch, and just always being there kicking ass ! 
We have people like Twister's music, The Rock Villains, That Riff Promotions, and other promotions - 
- joining us on this ride and it is obviously a difference maker !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - the scene  has been good to us in many many ways - and I honestly wish I had time - 
- to thank everyone personally but there's not enough time in the day.
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - This has been a great ride and only seems to be getting bigger. 
The scene has always been great here, and the fans hung in there for the local favorites. 
But for the fans-  I think the scene got a little stale with bands who are great - 
- but playing all the time here. And for the bands - it's a double edge sword -
- you don't want to turn down any shows but when you play only original music - 
-  and playing every week - there is no incentive for the fans to come to every show your playing. 
That's why we are concentrating on playing more shows out of town  - 
- and playing only more selectively here to get more exposure across the planet !!!

Do you play other instruments besides what we see onstage ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - Aside from singing I also play guitar, bass, and violin. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - Piano ,Saxophone ,bass 
James Leopard (Drums), - It's pretty much just drums for me. I used to play the Oboe though !!
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, sing and scream.
 Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - Drums

What do you think of all the New Metal Music bands - being played Worldwide ?
Are you a fan of the new stuff ? Or do you like the classic metal artists that built metal music ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - Metal has so many levels its hard to pick one style. 
My teenage years were during the nu-metal craze. I used to really dig on "System of a Down" - 
- and "Rage Against the Machine", but it was always "Pantera’s" Far Beyond Driven - 
- and "Metallica’s" Master of Puppets - that made me want it heavier and faster. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - With me being the old man of the band - 
- I still prefer the old school Thrash Metal ("Slayer", "Anthrax") . I do like "Volbeat", and a few others!
James Leopard (Drums), - I  have a very diverse taste in metal. I love it all ! 
Everything from 80's thrash metal to Avant garde progressive power metal ! 
I do tend to always go back to the classics like "Slayer", "Anthrax", and stuff, -
- but there are some really great bands out there carrying the flag for heavy music. 
Bands like "Slipknot" and "Lamb of God", are keeping heavy music in the household -
- while younger bands like "Havok", are taking things to the next level and hauling ass with it !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), -my taste in metal is very vast -
- but I love the new dent sound and style - so bands like "After the Burial" and "Born of Osiris" -
- are some of my favorites 
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - Although Chuck and I, do like more classic thrash bands. 
I am a huge "LAMB of GOD" fan - and I like "Havok", - caught them with "Children of Bodom" - 
- and they ripped the place apart !!!!

What is next for you personally in music ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - I’ve kind of thrown myself into the scene helping other bands get video and interviews. 
I also run a recording studio that I’m slowly turning into a full production studio. 
As much as I love our music, I know there are a lot of bands out there that need help with their next move -
- and that would be my next venture, helping them. 
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - Keep writing more material - and pushing Inner Demons as far as we can go.
James Leopard (Drums), - Other than pushing this band more, i'd like to put out an album with me - 
- and Zakk's unofficial side funk side project "Itburnswhenipee". HAHAHA !!!
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - same as always just try to better myself  as a musician and as a person.
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - No Comment !

Any bands you'd like to tour with this Summer ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - There has been some talk here and there with a few bands - 
- about loading up - and hitting the road. Nothing set in stone though.
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - "Corrosion of Conformity", "Death Angel" -
- pretty much any tour that's gonna pay me to do what I love doing !!!!
James Leopard (Drums), - In fantasy land I would love to do a tour with someone like - 
"Corrosion of Conformity", but in all reality here - there's a few strong bands here in town - 
- that would be cool to load up and go on the road with. 
Like Karl said, there has been some talk back and forth about this and that. 
Maybe something will come of it someday!
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - I would love to go on tour with "Death Angel".
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - No Comment !

What songs on the New CD were the hardest to record ?   And why ?

Karl Hasse (Vocals), - For me the hardest song was Never Coming Home. 
It's about my brother passing over in Iraq. When we came in the studio I had a few set lyrics I was using, - 
- but nothing really on paper. So when it came time to record vocals - I sent everyone home and did it solo. 
I sang a couple lines, got all my dubs in for that - and walked away for about 20 minutes at a time. 
It's not really easy to sing when you turn into a blubbering mess.
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), - "Die and Bleed" !!!!
James Leopard (Drums), - So far for me it's "Die and Bleed". I'm beating myself up over this one for sure !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - "Die and Bleed" ! 
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - "NEVER COMING HOME". Just because of what the song is about. 
We are close and a band of brothers and we feel each other's pain, grief, and happiness. 
And the thought of losing a family member at any age is hard enough to imagine - 
- but Karl's brother passed away at 28 a young age - he was asked to go defend freedom - 
- for a lot of people who take it for granted - and probably don't think about what the hero's in the military - 
- are doing. We must never forget it doesn't matter what job a person has in the military - 
- they are a soldier first - and their job is to the death if that is what it takes for us back home to stay free. 
I know that I am kinda going off here - but i talk with people on a daily basis that think it was a stupid move - 
- on America's part to be over there. I disagree - because if that is the way you think - 
- then the lives we lost were in vain - and that just doesn't set well for me.
I think of Karl everytime we play it live - and the trouble he must have singing and not breaking down - 
- into tears every time - so that is why that one was the most difficult for me. 
Because Karl is my brother - I love him and all the guys in the band - and I hurt because I know he is.
Thanks for your time today guys , We had a blast with you all !
Karl Hasse (Vocals), - Thank you Stage Life Magazine !
Chuck Hillyard (Lead Guitar), -Thank you !!!!!!
James Leopard (Drums), - Thanks for the cool interview ! 
I would like to thank the fans and urge them to keep singing our songs back to us live ! 
That is the greatest gift you can give to a band or an artist other than buying all their merchandise !
Zakk Hillyard (Bass), - We all had a great time - thanks to everyone today !
Sean Watson (Rhythm Guitar). - Thank you for your time in getting the Demons story out there. 
All I can say as for the future - is look out - this is our year - I feel great things on the horizon.

Stage Life Magazine had a great time with the band today - 
You guys really bring it like no other - that's why fans and industry reps alike - love you all dearly !
This should be another big year for the band - 
I can't wait to hear the next show - 
The last one was a total metal meltdown - that had everybody's hands in the air all night !
We of course will follow up with the "New CD Review" soon !  
Brace yourselves for more excitement from INNER DEMONS !

Here's a few links to the band - 

Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/InnerDemonsJax/timeline
Band's Email - Innerdemonsofficial@gmail.com
Band's Website - Reverb Nation = http://www.reverbnation.com/innerdemons9

Thanks again to the band , and management team for the access today !

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Catch the band on tour in Florida and grab the New CD out May/June 2016 !

Leon Jonjock