"Harley Lamoureux"
Holiday 2015 Interview

Holiday's are here , and for a special treat to our many fans - 

Stage Life Magazine presents an interview with a Southern Rock & Blues Legend !

Known through the pages of Southern Rock n Roll and also Mainstream Blues - 
Harley Lamoureux was born September 13th , 1952 in Jacksonville Florida.
He considers this his home , along with many other Southern Rock Legends.

We recently caught up with the legend and was granted a interview - 

Hello Harley , great to have you for a few moments today for the

many fans that ask about you daily.
Folks love your musicianship and commitment to the fans to bring

out the best in music they wanna hear.

How does it feel to be recognized professionally as one of the best

harmonica players Worldwide ?

Harley's Answer - An honor, of course,  acceptance

by peers and fans and my respect  and love of music.

How many harmonica's do you own today ?

Harley's Answer - 40 Plus

Do you play any other instruments ? Guitars ? Drums ? Piano ?

Harley's Answer - I used to play guitar and bass, but haven’t kept up with it.

You are a most sought out musician , not everyone can pull out all the stops consistently as you do.
What makes your personal style of playing so attractive to others ?

Harley's Answer -  I believe it is all about the song.  I try to convey the feeling of the writer and performer in my harp playing

Playing alongside Charlie Daniels onstage and many others must be a thrill of a lifetime ?

Harley's Answer - It is an answer to prayer.  Charlie is a strong believer.  God has given me favor with great musicians and artists.

You recently were inducted in the prestigious 'Blues Hall of Fame" - 
Blues Hall of Fame ambassador Don Overbey drove 12 hours round trip to make the official presentation.
This kind of respect is unheard of in most circles - what drives the man behind the harmonica ?

Harley's Answer - The love of music, the smiles on the faces in the audience, being able to be me and sharing my faith in Jesus.

What brands are you currently using on tour and in the studio for your harmonica's ?

Harley's Answer - Golden Melodies made by Hohner

What's next for you in 2016 ? More tour dates ? Studio work ?  Vacation ?

Harley's Answer - All of the above!!  The Pardon Prison Tour with 60 plus stops expected, several recording projects including my own, and a week in the mountains with my wife, Carolyn. 

What's cooking at your house for the Holidays ?  Turkey or Ham ?

Harley's Answer - Both with all the trimmings!!

Any artists you'd like to work with in the future ?

Harley's Answer - Rambler, Blackberry Smoke, and any others I can help, known or unknown.

Thanks for answering a few questions for the fans today - 
We'll follow up with another great story next year !

Here's a few links for Harley Lamoureux - 
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/harley.lamoureux
Email - Harley4harp@aol.com

Thanks for the interview - we'll catch up with you again soon !

Leon Jonjock