Steve Moakler.

Dan + Shay Review

Mavericks Live


I won’t lie and say I get enthusiastic about reviewing country concerts. I like to think I’m open minded about most things but, when it comes to country I am not the biggest fan. I wouldn’t say I hate country music, I think hate is a strong word. However, I will say I tolerate it. I had never heard of Dan + Shay before seeing them at Maverick’s this past month. So I decided that rather than going into this show with a stereotypical and closed off mindset, I would be optimistic and stay open to the possibility that they would be entertaining and show us a good time.

As we walked into Maverick’s the crowd was decent and the opening act Steve Moakler was already onstage. In between songs he was told us stories about his time on the road, and how he wasn’t originally a fan of country. Then in a twist of fate, he ended up becoming a country singer. This reminded me that an open mind could do a lot to help me view country in a different light. He even sang a song about how country is nothing like rock n roll that I really enjoyed. I truly appreciated his talent and honesty when it came to his journey into the world of country music.

As more fans filed in to see Dan + Shay, I was actually becoming excited about what they were going to bring to the stage. And before I knew it, the countdown clock began. (Literally!) I couldn’t help but be pumped for their set! As they came out the lights flashed and the crowd was vibrant. This energetic duo brought style and life to the stage as they performed some of their own hits like “From The Ground Up.” They also added their own spin to covers like Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” Journey’s “Anyway You Want It” and even Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You.” Every time I looked around, no matter what song they were singing, everyone in the audience was singing along, raising their beers, and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Dan + Shay had the whole place hanging on every word with voices that had a slight country expectation while remaining smoothly captivating and charming.

Dan + Shay and Steve Moakler are only the beginning of showing me that keeping an open mind when it comes to country could allow me to move forward from tolerant listener to the possibility of a solid like. Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight! Before you know it you’ll have all of us eating out of the palm of your hands.

Written By: Morgan Bates / Photos By: Jason Lemons

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