Dallas Smith  

Rocks Jacksonville !

Stage Life Magazine is back with another Concert Review - Dallas Smith !

We recently caught up with the band currently on tour with Keith Anderson.
Tonight the bands are playing at the famous "Mavericks Live" in Jacksonville Florida.
This six man band from Vancouver BC Canada had the fans dancing all night.
The new country music coming from this band is very energetic - a treat to see live in concert !
With many hits already under his belt , Dallas Smith knows what he wants to say.
From the beginning , he has pushed his way up the country music charts with break neck speed.
Releasing hit after hit on mainstream radio - songs that grab the listener and brings them in closer.
Started his new band in 2012 , he had determination to rise above the other new bands - 
His debut album "Jumped Right In" , had five hits that stayed on the charts for weeks.
Five CMAA Award Nominations soon followed - a very exciting time for the band.
The band was asked by the biggest names to open their shows for the fans - 
Artists like Bob Seger , Florida Georgia Line played many SOLD OUT shows with Dallas Smith !
Soon after the road dates , he went back into the studio to record and release a new EP CD - "Tippin' Point".
From that CD - He commanded the charts with more hot new songs - 
In fact , the CD single from the EP was the fastest country single to go gold in Canada history !
Everyone in the industry wants this band to open for them , they put on a great live show.

* This CD went Platinum and more awards soon followed - 
* Three CMAA Award Nominations - Single , Album ,and Artist of the Year 
* Only Artist to have eight Top Ten Singles in Canada's History
* Shattered Attendance Records with over 12,000 tickets sold at the Jamboree Music Festival
* Over 25,000 were also in attendance at the famous Boots and Hearts Music Festival

Then the band went back into the studio to record their second full length album - "Lifted".
This new album also has been in the charts with many new hits - and the fans couldn't be happier !
More touring and more studio time - just what the band wants - is now no longer just a dream come true.
Now with the newest hot rocking single - "Kids with Cars" - the band is in constant demand from the promoters.
The newest song from the album , "Wasting Gas" - has stayed on the charts all year to the fans delight.
And the fun loving song - "Cheap Seats" - has been in rotation all over the World.
The band itself has six members - all with different looks and styles that adds strength to the music itself.
Dallas has a great attitude and a vision that attracts many listeners of all era's - Classic Country and New Country.
Tonight , the band is playing their hearts out to the many fans in attendance in Jacksonville Florida.
Song after song is nothing but wonderful structured hits that will keep you humming long after they leave the stage.

This band will be around for a long time - we'll be here to keep the fans informed !

We had a great time at this show - can't wait to see them again, ....next time - as the Headliner !

As always , thanks to the band and management teams - for the artist access - 

Here's a few links to the band - 

Website - http://www.dallassmithmusic.com

Instagram -  http://Instagram.com/dallassmithmusic 

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dallassmithmusic/?fref=ts

Leon Jonjock
Jacksonville Florida