The Charlie Daniels Band On Fire in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Florida , home of many Southern Rock Legends welcomed another legend - Charlie Daniels to the Famous Florida Theater.

Playing to an  enthusiastic crowd , the legend played most all his well known hits from over many decades of recording.

He just celebrated his 79th birthday, and he looked very well , and was happy to talk to the Jacksonville fans tonight.

The crowd was mostly older folks that were raised on his music , and I noticed a lot of white beards in the audience !

As soon as the lights came on , Charlie was on the stage with a fast moving classic song that had many hands in the air.

Playing hit after hit , songs that we love and cherish , was so enjoyable - especially seeing him singing them all, live on stage !

Songs tonight on the set list included -

"What this World needs is a few more Rednecks" , "Simple Man" , "Long Haired Country Boy" , and so many more -

If fact , when he decided to sing "In America" , the crowd roared it's approval, and Charlie bowed his hat to the fans !

He spoke in between songs to the fans packed into the theater - spoke about freedom and the blessings we have in life.

He has a amazing band that has been by his side for many years - every member a seasoned professional musician.

The lead guitar player did a solo that had fans wanting more - the young master of licks and riffs that took us higher and higher.

Piano player Shannon also was on fire with his amazing ability to boogie with the band on every song - a real treat.

The rest of the band felt like family , we enjoyed watching them work their magic with their instruments.

This was a very well tuned band that knew every note , and they themselves looked to be having a great time in Jacksonville.

I personally smiled all night , as this band meant a lot to me as a kid , my family playing his wonderful music all through my life.

Southern Rock has many icons - Charlie Daniels is definitely one of the best. He has performed for millions over the years !

He was played for our troops oversea's , and also many years of his highly rated "Volunteer Jams", with many artists we love.

Charlie Daniels believes in God , guns , and his Country - you can see it , feel it, and hear it with every moment around him.

He had fans lining up to see him at the "Meet & Greet" section - even famous artists showed up to say hello.

They just came to watch the show , and to shake the hands of the living legend that means so much to us.

In attendance in the crowd were ex members of Molly Hatchet , and a very famous harmonica player, among the many.

The show was smooth as silk , and extremely entertaining -

to see Charlie step up to the mic , with both feet apart , was special.

He commanded the stage , and played his heart out -

on guitar and then the famous fiddle was brought out to be played.

Everyone had a wonderful time dancing with the music ,

It was like I was at a family reunion - everyone was happy to be here.

Charlie Daniels also posts some great words on his Facebook Page -

look him up - and enjoy the wisdom.

The merchandise table was busy - as everyone wanted the red tee shirt

with the American Flag and Charlie on the front.

He stayed a little longer outside - meeting the many fans - sharing smiles along the way - before getting back on the tour bus.

Overall , this concert was a success - as fans and the promoters enjoyed every minute of his performance.

We'll be watching his tour dates - and buying his CD's for years to come - Charlie Daniels is our hero.

Stagelife magazine would like to thank the band , the band's management teams , and the famous Florida Theater for a great show.

Stay tuned for more music news as it happens - Stagelife Magazine is the insider to what's happening with our favorite artists !

Leon Jonjock