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We are excited to be catching up with another fan favorite in Southern Rock Royalty - Blackfoot 
First , to do justice to all members - we will talk about the beginning and the new era of Blackfoot.
This band was formed in the mid 70's by founding members - Jak "Thunderfoot" Spires -
and Rickey Medlocke - and then joined Charlie Hargret and Greg T. Walker , to create -
one of the most beloved bands in Southern Rock History - BLACKFOOT !
The early members would start a music legacy that is still alive today.
Many Tours , Sold Out Shows Worldwide , and so many wonderful Southern Rock Hits !
The songs that made this band so strong on tour were songs like - "Train , Train" -
"Highway Song", "Road Fever", "Fox Chase" , "Wishing Well" , and many more favorites.
40 years later , the band has fresh faces to carry the legacy to new fans - all new members !
Rickey Medlocke personally chose these guys to carry the torch for the fans himself.
The original members went to do solo albums and other projects after Jak Spires passed away.
The band is now re energized with new faces and the energy and the passion to please every die hard fan.
The new members include : 
Rickey Medlocke - Founding member - Guitar & Vocals 
Tim Rossi: Lead Guitar & Vocals 
Brian Carpenter: Bass 
Matt Anastasi: Drums                                          
With a New Tour and New Music - the Blackfoot band is back !
Today , Stage Life Magazine interviews Brian Carpenter - bassist of Blackfoot 2016 -
Hello Brian ! 
Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer questions in between touring !
Stage Life Magazine has been getting lots of requests on the band !
How about the New Tour ?  I hear everyone is happy with the shows !
Brian's Answer – Yes, we are all really excited about the tour!!  
The fans have been awesome and almost every show in our last leg was completely sold out!  
We have the best fans and we’re so happy they are loving the shows.

You guys just came off the road to do the Rock Cruise - 
Are you excited to be on a boat with so many great bands on the line up ?
Brian's Answer – Yes, the Lebrewski Cruise! 
It’s a privilege to be playing with bands I have looked up to throughout my musical career

Your personal feeling on joining this band ? Where you a fan of the music ?
Brian's Answer – Absolutely!!!  Being a southern native from Florida the music had a heavy influence on my playing.  Being personally selected as bass player by Rickey Medlocke was an honor.  Another interesting fact is that I am Blackfoot native and my grandfather lived on a Blackfoot reservation in Montana.
Are you surprised to see the many fans from the original line up at your shows ?
Brian's Answer – It’s always a huge compliment and humbling to get support from the fans of the original line up.  
To get their stamp of approval keeps us going and striving to exceed their expectations -
as well as show them how hard we’re working to build on the Blackfoot legacy.

What brand of gig equipment do you use on stage ? Any Sponsors ?
Brian's Answer – I use Ernie Ball strings for all recordings and live performances, Music man Bass guitars, -
Hartke/Mark Bass amplifiers, Monster cables and EBS Billy Sheehan distortion pedals

Is there New Music in the works ?    I see you have also been in the studios !
Brian's Answer – Yes, new Blackfoot music is in the works with Rickey heavily involved in the writing and the production of the record.  We’re expecting a new album out this year. 
The new line up just recorded a cover tune for the holidays -
"Grandma got ran over by a reindeer".  Was this planned or spontaneous ?
Brian's Answer – It was spontaneous, we figured it would be something fun to do spur of the moment.
What music is Brian Carpenter listening to this month ?
Brian's Answer – Right now I’m listening to Jazz and Classical Spanish guitar
What has been your favorite highlight so far being in this band ?
Brian's Answer – My biggest highlight with Blackfoot has been touring and playing on stage with Rickey Medlocke; -
One show that comes to mind is the Native American Music Awards where I was able to connect with a lot of my Native heritage.

How long have you been playing bass guitar ? Any other instruments ?
Brian's Answer –I started playing music at an early age around 5 years old and instruments include bass guitar, trombone, drums, native cedar flute, didgeridoo, Spanish classical guitar and double bass

What is your favorite classic hit song from Blackfoot you play live ?
Brian's Answer – I would have to say “Left Turn on a Red Light”
What's next for Brian Carpenter ? More touring ? Studio time ? Solo Projects ?
Brian's Answer -  In addition to Blackfoot, I am also working with Shannon Larkin and Tony Rombola (from Godsmack) on a project called Blue Cross.   When we’re not doing our day jobs via Blackfoot and Godsmack we tour with Blue Cross, which is a heavy rock and roll blues sound.  We are recording and releasing an album this year. 
Then another side project that I’m working on with Shannon and Tony is called "Fire Antz",-
 which is a punk rock rooted style. It’s busy but I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love
Believe it or not, aside from music, I still make time to train and study Kenpo martial arts -
under the instruction of Sifu Carmen Vigliotti 

Think the band might release a LIVE DVD ?  This would be a million seller !
Brian's Answer – I’ve heard Rickey mention that several times so it’s a possibility
Any artist or band you'd like to work with sometime in your life ?
Brian's Answer –That’s a good/tough question to answer…I’ll tell you in the next interview (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)J 
But seriously, I’d enjoy working with Billy Sheehan and Victor Wooten who have been two of my major influences.

Thanks Brian for answering a few questions for the fans today !
Stage Life Magazine will be back with a Concert Review of the band soon !
Any last words for the fans ? Requests ? Or Special "Announcements" ?
Brian's Answer – First, always HUGE THANKS to all of the fans. 
You guys keep us going and we couldn’t do it without you.        
Feel free to find me on Instagram and/or Facebook for the latest on what I’m doing 

Here's a few links to the band for the fans – 
http://www.blackfootband.com - bands personal webpage for all the latest news and tour dates
https://www.facebook.com/officialblackfoot/?fref=ts - bands personal Face Book page for everyone
https://www.facebook.com/officialblackfoot/app/123966167614127/ - bands Tour Dates for 2016 
https://www.facebook.com/bluecrossband/?fref=ts - Brian Carpenter's side project - BLUE CROSS
We had a great time today with Brian Carpenter - he is working hard to please all the die hard fans.
Come see the show and enjoy the band's energy - they really pay tribute to the founding members !
Leon Jonjock