Today we catch up with Doug Tibbs - "Lead Guitarist" for "BLOODLINE".

His hot "New Band" that has been making waves in metal music -

They are currently on tour in Florida and co-headlining many shows.

Thanks Doug for taking time for this interview for the fans -

I know you are getting ready for another show tonight and you have rehearsals today.

Your hot new band - "BLOODLINE", has really taken off - you must be proud ?

Doug's Answer - Yes, thanks , I am proud , this line up has worked hard to bring a great show to the fans.

Your band plays some great heavy metal music , every song a instant recognized classic from major bands.
Name some of the bands your band covers in your set list of exciting rock n roll classic hits !

Doug's Answer - We are currently playing a live tribute to bands like Ozzy w/Randy Rhodes , Black Sabbath , -

Ronnie James Dio , Iron Maiden , Eddie Van Halen and many more fan favorites from yesteryear.

We play many hits from many artists in our sets - we are not a one band tribute act at all.

The fans appreciate the hard work the band has put into our rehearsals , and they show up -

- to every show with fists in the air - because we are playing a variety of hits from a variety of bands.

What made you decide years ago , to play heavy metal music verses say country music ?

Doug's Answer - Actually , I played as a hired gun for many bands over my twenty five plus years in the business -

- When I sent in the demo's - I always got the job - music means everything to me today still.

I mostly had played in top 40 bands , rock n roll bands , and got burned out with the constant redundant direction of those music genre's -

- and everything it takes to put up with a lead singer or members that have their own direction and the rest of the band feels differently -

- it was hard to play what they wanted you to play knowing the fans wanted better. So, my attitude changed and so did my music style -

I went from playing one brand of guitars - to another. I built this new band today with the concept of enjoying the music and the era -

- of so many major bands that we miss on the radio today - bands like Judas Priest , KISS , Ted Nugent and many more -

I never really professionally played any country music - heavy metal is what i wanna hear -

- and us playing it loud and live on stage is considered almost Heaven.

You use Jackson Guitars exclusively, have you always played fast guitars ?

Doug's Answer - Talking about Ozzy's band - the late lead guitarist legend -Randy Rhodes -

I was one of the first to own one of his mega rare prototype unreleased guitars -

The guitar company had built Randy 200 of the prototype guitars that he himself custom designed -

I owned one of these guitars ! These guitars was only sold to higher ups in the music world - not in any magazine to buy one !

Lucky me, ... I searched forever and finally found one in New York. My family helped me in buying it.

I have always been a Randy Rhodes fan - and this guitar was my step up into the metal abyss.

I have played other brands in other bands - but nothing compares to the precision of Jackson Guitars.

What a cool concept - your band - three members - all playing the most requested metal music of all time.
Instead of a tribute band - playing as only one band onstage - you guys play hits from all the bands !
Why did you decide to play different bands cover songs - verses only concentrating on playing as one band ?

Doug's Answer - Freedom , freedom to play what we wanted , when we wanted , with no restrictions.

We wanted to play with no boundaries - and enjoy this moment in time without unwanted pressure.

We might play a Van Halen tune or a Motorhead hit -

- we make those decisions and we couldn't be happier to do so.  

It keeps everything fresh for the fans.

You're also using EVH equipment and Special Edition 5150 Peavy Cabinets, this is the coolest set up -

You certainly know what metal music needs to be powerful - what other equipment do you use ?

Doug's Answer - That's mostly it - Just the Jackson guitar and the EVH Peavy equipment is all a band really needs !

I use a couple pedals - but the amps are so well designed - they come loaded with special features to die for !

The rig I have is a Special Limited Edition - You can't buy it - don't ask !

The band itself is pretty tight - very tight for a three piece band !
Name the band-mates and what instruments they do they play ?

Doug's Answer -

                          David Redding - Expert Bassist and Lead Singer

                           John Garren   - Drummer extraordinaire

"BLOODLINE" is known for playing hard and heavy music hits from other heavy metal bands.
We heard your sound-check , Black Sabbath , Ronnie James Dio , Ozzy , and even Iron Maiden !
These songs mean a lot to the fans - Do you enjoy doing the cover songs live ?

Doug's Answer - It's the best release ever on stage to play the songs we want to hear from our favorite bands.

The work you have to do is overwhelming - rhythm and lead guitar in the same song -
You must practice daily to achieve the ability to play like that continuously ?

Doug's Answer - It takes practice - dedication to the music itself and a good attitude in life.

Will the band continue to build your set list of classic rock n roll with more artists ?

Doug's Answer - Yes, we like to be able to play RUSH , DIO , and any other band at any time.

Looks like the "ROCKVILLIANS" (Fans) show up at every show - why is that ?

Doug's Answer - Metal music is here to stay - the fans have been very supportive from the beginning.

The ROCKVILLIANS are a special group that goes to every show we play and they love to rock n roll with the band !

We love them dearly - they love us - we are family in Jacksonville Florida !

Special shout outs to my beautiful sister Pamela Tibbs Daylor -

- and my wonderful mother that has stood with me - from the beginning - to the end -

- and loved me enough to help me - build my life again - this time , .... to be stronger than ever.

I am truly grateful to my family - they mean so much to me.

Where would the band like to play this next year ?  Any surprise announcements ?

Doug's Answer -

We are fine tuning our set lists and might have a couple festivals early next year to talk about.

Everyday the phone rings - so we could have a schedule change at any moment ! (Book us early !).

The merchandise table was full of customers , great stuff !

I think if you'd release a "DVD Concert" of the shows - the full set list , ....

The fans would snatch it up to relive it again and again - any hope on a DVD release next year ?

Doug's Answer - I like your vision - sounds great - we'll have to see if it is time yet -

- or to wait and build a little more and release something another year -

- even though I am sure - we will release a music video single soon !

Everyone's already asking !

What is next for the band in 2016 ?  Festivals ? Studio time ? More touring ?

Doug's Answer - We will build our brand , our image and production to be the highest caliber of show.

We want to be requested again and again - so we have to bring the hits - and the music quality - has to be great.

The fans will remember our shows - the fan base is growing everyday thanks to magazines like Stagelife !

You have had ups and downs in your personal life , and over 25 years in the business, ...

How does it feel to be back on track ?

Doug's Answer - Nothing feels better than making it back to what you want to do.

This time I'm back with a new attitude , new direction - and a better appreciation for what I have.

It feels so good to play live onstage and releasing all your emotions through the music.

Any tips for up and coming bands that you can pass on today ?

Doug's Answer - It's a Long Way to the Top , ... If you wanna Rock n Roll !

Bruce Lenzi of Twisters Music has been very supportive of the band,...

How does a metal band like yours - get so much love from the promoters ?

Doug's Answer - The promoters have been calling every week - the buzz in Jacksonville is BLOODLINE !

We put smiles on everyone's faces - that means more tickets are being sold - and that makes the promoters happy.

You have to have passion in what you're doing - you can't fake it - the fans know what's hot and who's not.

Bruce Lenzi has been a great promoter for us along with others - He is really dedicated to the bands.

We are proud to be a part of his team anytime.

Any last words for the fans of "BLOODLINE" ?  Announcements ?

Doug's Answer - New Songs , New Look , Hot Rocking Metal Hits back to back for a hour and a half -

Sound good ? Follow the band online - to experience the rise of our rapidly growing Worldwide Fanbase !

We will be doing shows throughout the year - catch us on tour for the experience of BLOODLINE !

We thank Stagelife Magazine and the Fans for the interview - We are so blessed for this moment in life.


Thank you Doug for taking the time to answer a few questions for the fans -

We are excited to see you again on tour - with so many major acts - it's "Metal Heaven" !

Catch "BLOODLINE" on tour in a town near you soon - buy a ticket - take a friend !

This band will be the one that makes you wanna see them again and again !

Stagelifemagazine would like to thank "BLOODLINE" , the artists management team ,

* Bruce Lenzi of Twisters Music , and Doug Tibbs for the show access.

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