Nashville's Newest Country Artist

Today we are interviewing a new artist -

"Amber Delacruz" - Singer / Songwriter with a new vision !

Born in a little town called Callahan - just on the outskirts of Jacksonville Florida -

She now lives in Nashville.  Making Tennessee her home as so many others before her.

She has been making waves ever since she got her first guitar as a child, and now she made it !

We recently caught up with her in between gigs and asked a few questions for the fans.

She currently is performing around the Northeast Florida Region -

- with Nashville dates later this year.

The country music coming from this girl is getting a lot of attention with industry reps -

And the many fans that adore her also want to know more about her.

 Let's ask a few questions to let the fans know her better.

Hello Amber !

The fans have asked for your interview and we are excited today to talk to you.

What made you decide to start singing country music verses pop music ?  

Amber's reply -

“When I first started playing the guitar and singing, I didn’t really play many country songs. I played pop top 40 covers, but when I decided that I wanted to be an original artist, I wanted to be a country artist, and not only a country artist, but I want to be the first successful filipino country artist.”

Who are your musical influences ?  Loretta Lynn ? Reba McEntire ? Carrie Underwood ?

Amber's reply -

“Carrie Underwood definitely. It’s somewhat of a toss up between her, Miranda Lambert, and Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland). Because there are different reasons as to why they have influenced my career choice. With Carrie, it’s the strong hold to her faith. Miranda, her story is one that is very inspiring, and is definitely where the spunky side of me kind of comes from. Jennifer, Sugarland was the first country concert I ever went to, and her performance and stage presence was absolutely incredible and entertaining! But my main influence has and always will be Kelly Clarkson. She keeps it so real and has never changed that about herself, and I’ve followed her since the very beginning of her career.  I’m not gonna say I’m obsessed…but I’m pretty sure we could be best friends.

What instruments can you play besides guitar ?     I hear you can play the piano ?

Amber's reply -

“I love the piano, I taught myself on the piano, so I can’t really say I’m a pro or anything. Not many people get to see that side of my performance, because it always depends on the setlist we write up for a show. Sometimes I can squeeze it in but most the time we don’t have enough time. But I play the mandolin as well, and we’ve started putting it more in my songs lately. Oh yeah, I play a mean cowbell.”

How would you describe your music to fans ?  You have a great Gospel singing background !

Amber's reply -

“Yes, I definitely do, that’s kind of where it started I would say like many artist. I played in a praise and worship band for years before I decided to play “secular” music.” My music always tells a story or has a very good story behind it. “Smooth Whiskey” has the best story behind it, because it was shortly after I turned 21.”

The New Song "Back to my Roots" , is getting a lot of requests in radio - What's the song about ?

Amber's reply -

“It’s about my hometown and a chapter in my life, the beginning is about the famous Callahan BBQ and it’s sweet tea- best sweet tea ever! I miss it so much. Being in this industry, you hear often about artist losing their selves and forgetting who they are, and back to my roots is about that but the opposite, I dated a city boy and I sort of stopped doing all the hometown things that I loved to do. When we broke up, everything that I missed was still right there where it’s always been.”

You just finished a major gig at "The Backwoods Country Jam  - Any highlights from the show ?

Amber's reply -

“That was my first big show and in my hometown, which made it much more special! I met all the artist I was on the bill with and they all watched my performance and gave me such positive feedback!”

Your vision of your music ? Any future plans on another album in 2016 ?

Amber's reply -

“Maybe, since the beginning of this year - I’ve been non-stop with either co-writes or collaborations in the studio with other aritst.”

Did you enjoy opening for Frankie Ballard at St. Augustine Florida ?

Amber's reply -

“Yes that was an awesome show, I missed my whole band being there, but I had Savanna (my fiddle player) and James (my drummer) with me, and the fans were incredible!”

You also performed with "Charlie Farley and Daniel Lee" at the July Jam / Moccasin Creek Festival -

Any highlights ?

Amber's reply -

“That show has gotten me several upcoming opportunities this year!

I can’t say anything yet, but I’m very excited!”

You also performed at North Florida's Famous "Suwanee River Jam" - any highlights ?

Amber's reply -

“I was sick as a dog that show ! Thankfully, I made it through our entire set, but as soon as I got off the stage, I -got sick again. That was an amazing show and my fans were awesome! They made signs and everything !

Any artists you'd like to record or perform with - now that you're in Nashville ?

Amber's reply -

“I would love to record, write, or perform with Kelly Clarkson, if we’re being honest here.

Might seem far fetched, but that’s always been a dream of mine.”

Can fans come see you playing downtown at the "Music Row" in Nashville anytime soon ?

Amber's reply -

“We haven’t booked anything just yet, but my social media pages will be the first to find out when I do!”

With great songs and a great attitude , looks like we have another Angel in country music -

How have you been feeling about all the attention ?

Amber's reply -

Amber's reply - (grinning from ear to ear) “It’s so crazy to look back and see where my life was almost 2 years ago to where it is now. I can’t believe how blessed I’ve been this past year. My fans are my oxygen, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have had half of the opportunities I’ve had this year! If you told me in October of 2013 that I would be talking to a label that next year, I would have laughed and said “you’re crazy”, and now I just had a single come out and it’s sold in Walmart ?! WHAT ?!

Any last thoughts or surprise concert dates for the fans ?  Announcements ?

Amber's reply -

“It looks like I’ll be coming home sooner than expected now, because I will be performing at the Backwoods Country Jam again this year, and possibly another show but it’s not confirmed yet !

But it’s definitely one for the books!”

We had a great time with up and coming rising country music superstar "Amber DeLaCruz" !

Thank you Amber for the interview - now the fans will be thrilled to know you better !

Grab her New EP CD today - "Goodtimes" on iTunes and Amazon MP3 !

Thanks again for the interview Amber - we are excited to have you in our magazine !

We'll be watching out for your tour dates and we'll catch up with you again soon !

Thank you also to Amber's Management Team for all they do to help her succeed in life !

Thanks always to for the best in New and Classic Country Artists!

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